A Year of Growth: 2021 Product Enhancements

We don’t need to tell you that 2021 was a ground-breaking year in cybersecurity. With more companies going through digital transformation than ever before and remote work changing the IT infrastructure, CybelAngel has evolved to ensure the most strategic digital assets of our clients aren’t falling into the wrong hands… and the world is noticing. Need some social proof? This year, Gartner recognized CybelAngel as Best of Breed for Data Leak Detection & Digital Risk Protection. Learn more: Gartner recognizes CybelAngel as a “Best of Breed” for Digital Risk Protection Services Now to the nitty-gritty. Let us explain how CybelAngel’s 2021 product advancements are changing how you protect your digital assets…

CybelAngel scans your digital assets more frequently.

In a world plagued by ransomware attacks and PII leaks, you need to detect confidential information, exposed datasets and vulnerable assets faster than ever before. CybelAngel made that easier this year, through technical improvements:

  • Unrivaled time-to-detect with scanning speed now under every 24 hours. We’ve always offered best-in-class connected storage scanning of all IPv4s – even down to the document level – but in 2021 we reduced time to detect publicly-accessible connected storage by 93%,
  • Unmatched coverage of AWS, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage for Data Breach Prevention. CybelAngel became the first Digital Risk Protection Solution to monitor Azure Blob and Google Cloud for leakage outside of your perimeter.
  • Addition of external attack surface management capabilities with the launch of the Asset Discovery & Monitoring module for Shadow IT risk. Learn more
  • Improved codeshare-site scanning to secure exposed credentials and leaked API keys, faster.
  • In-depth matching for databases,  with additional scanning capabilities that go as deep as 10k rows inside publicly-accessible datasets.

CybelAngel helps you focus on what matters.

Fighting digital risks requires focus. We want to enable you to prioritize your actions and have an impact. That’s why this year we kept improving:

  • our CybelAngel platform, through a redesigned homepage, admin dashboards, a secured inbox, and an improved user console.
  • our machine learning capabilities. Constant optimization has reduced the daily alert feed investigated by a CybelAngel Analyst by 2 over the last 3 years. This year alone, our analysts filtered and investigated 79,778,593 alerts, sending 19,721 incident reports
  • our team of dedicated analysts. In 2021, the CybelAngel operation team doubled.

CybelAngel meets your teams where they are.

Connecting your worlds has become a must-have. That’s why we invested in creating integrations between CybelAngel and your existing environments:

  • CybelAngel Connect is now live: an easy setup no-code connectors with popular SOAR, SIEM & ITSM solutions, including ServiceNow, Jira, Splunk, Microsoft Active Directory, and Slack
  • CybelAngel data has been pre-integrated into SecurityScorecard, providing an aggregated view of confidential documents and credentials found online.

  2021 was, obviously, just the beginning of the journey. Nothing would have been possible without the involvement of our customers, the enthusiasm of our Analyst team, the dedication of our Product & Engineering fellows, not the energy of our new joiners. Our amazing Product Managers and our Engineer teams are already working on what will make 2022 even more memorable. To get a taste of what’s coming, schedule a call with our teams!