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CISO Case Files: The Getaway Drive

Smuggling for the Competition:  People take home confidential documents for any number of reasons, reflex, maybe they are proud of their work, or they just need to catch up. Sometimes they take documents to be sold off.  Once these files have made their getaway hidden on USB drives, personal servers, or cloud drives, they are […]

Cloud Buckets Monitoring

CybelAngel now keeps an internal list of known buckets that we continually scan – in addition to scanning new buckets from our partners. Detect incidents more quickly. Known bucket lists reduced scanning time for certain buckets by 50%. That way, you can know about incidents before they become breaches. Reduce missed incidents. Our known bucket […]

Secure Leaked API Keys Faster

As more and more data is exposed via APIs either as API-first companies or for the explosion of single-page apps/JAMStack, API security can no longer be an afterthought. More and more API keys are getting exposed on code repositories, due to negligence. Identify credentials and API keys using advanced search patterns (regular expression), and avoid […]

CISO Case Files: Prison Break in the Printer

  El Chapo Prison Break: When famous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped prison in 2015, it was the result of precise planning and months of work. Associates of El Chapo purchased a safe house near the prison, then engineered and dug a 1-mile long tunnel 30 feet under the prison. An access panel was installed […]

Detect confidential data leaking from Azure Blob Storage with CybelAngel

Talking about Cloud migration and the impact on data protection is among the favorite truisms of digital risk protection vendors. Count us guilty as charged. It doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real for Info-Sec teams. Confidential documents have actually started leaking from so many different Cloud ecosystems at once, it’s hard to keep up.    […]

BEC Attacks
US Tax Season Equals BEC Attacks

Tax season creates ideal condition for phishing attacks  The Tax Man cometh — and so do cybercriminals.  When there is a high volume of private data transmitted, cybercriminals increase their attacks.  So, right now before U.S. taxes are due, the probability is high that cybercriminals will phish for sensitive data via email.  An Egress report […]