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    CybelAngel Adds Ex-FBI Executive Todd Carroll as Vice President of Cyber Operations
    Todd Carroll Ex-FBI Executive Joins CybelAngel

    Former FBI cyber intelligence leader takes on new role focused on helping U.S. enterprises monitor digital threats and data leaks with CybelAngel.

    CybelAngel Raises $36 Million in Series B to Accelerate Global Expansion, Strategic Partnerships and Product Innovation

    Leading digital risk management platform CybelAngel completes a Series B investment round, bringing total funding to date to $52 million. New investment will help drive global expansion, strategic partnerships and advancement of their AI-powered SaaS platform.

    Third Parties and Employee Data Leak Danger

    Cybersecurity’s Elephant in the Room The cybersecurity industry historically focuses on perimeter defense, including: Developing expertise in criminal activity on the Dark web Recruiting ex-government personnel trained to protect security network Building up protection against malware. The traditional mindset is to keep the internet a safe place, the best way to spend your time is […]

    Real-Time Data Leak Detection with Percolating Technology
    Real-Time Data Leak Detection with Percolating Technology

    Endeavoring to provide our customers with real-time data leak detection, CybelAngel tested the capabilities of Elasticsearch, a distributed, highly scalable, full-text search engine. Specifically, we were interested in the percolating feature of Elasticsearch. Percolating can be described as “reverse search,” in which you ask for all the search queries that match a file, instead of […]

    CybelAngel Detects Enough Leaked PII to Rank Football Players by Use as Passwords
    CybelAngel Detects Enough Leaked PII to Rank Football Players by Use as Passwords

    The CybelAngel platform detects a plethora of leaked personally identifiable information (PII) for its customers. So much so, that we started to rank football players — or soccer players for our U.S. customers — by how often they’re used as passwords. Various types of PII are exposed on every layer of the internet, from the […]

    For This Threat Intelligence Platform, AI is More Than a Buzzword

    AI has become the buzzword of pretty much every domain, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who have noticed. For its part, cybersecurity is hardly immune to the allure of AI, with every vendor in the industry currently waxing lyrical about the integration of AI into their solution. Is there a little bit of […]