CybelAngel Detects Enough Leaked PII to Rank Football Players by Use as Passwords


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CybelAngel Analyst Team • December 1, 2018

The CybelAngel platform detects a plethora of leaked personally identifiable information (PII) for its customers. So much so, that we started to rank football players — or soccer players for our U.S. customers — by how often they’re used as passwords.

Various types of PII are exposed on every layer of the internet, from the Surface web to the Dark web, but an abundance of leaked passwords are detected by the CybelAngel platform on exposed connected storage devices. Mitigating immeasurable risk for our customers by alerting them to their credential leaks is one of the many responsibilities we find deeply motivating. And as an organization with deep roots in Paris, where we were founded in 2013, we couldn’t help but feel a little more inspired by the presence of so many French players in these rankings.

Leaks are inevitable. Damage is optional.
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