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Why you must enhance visibility and control of your expanding supply chain

Originally posted on Adopt an “outside-in” approach to protect your supply chain In today’s extended digital landscape, the concept of a truly secure perimeter is a myth. With so many endpoints, network assets, and endless digital supply chains, it’s almost impossible to ensure that your network perimeter is impenetrable. However, most organisations are still […]

Why your security strategy needs to be preemptive

Q&A on preemptive cybersecurity with CybelAngel’s CISO Todd Carroll Originally published on As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, so traditional security techniques may no longer be up to the task of protecting systems. What’s needed is an approach that can spot the routes an attacker may use and help close them down. We spoke to […]

How to Avoid Inheriting a Data Breach During a Merger/Acquisition

Originally posted on Em360 Mergers and acquisitions. A practice the tech industry itself is certainly no stranger to, M&A’s happen all the time and mark the consolidation of companies. Companies can take on assets, share capital and equity interests; but they can inherit serious data risks too – and that’s a problem. In this episode […]

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One to watch: CybelAngel

Article originally published on TechnologyReseller This autumn is set to be a busy time for CybelAngel, as it introduces a new partner programme and moves more into the external attack surface management space with a new product and new company positioning. Technology Reseller finds out more in conversation with Camille Charaudeau, Vice President, Product Strategy […]

The security risks of M&A: What are the biggest pitfalls?

Article originally published on Global Banking & Finance Review. By Erwän Keräudy, CEO, CybelAngel   Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the financial services sector continue to increase, despite the new economic challenges from inflation and global political conflicts. In 2021, there was an 89% increase in M&A deals across the banking sector, with an average deal value of $693 million. […]

CybelAngel Included Among List of Potential Unicorns

CybelAngel, EASM cybersecurity provider, is honored to be recognized for the third year in a row, by leading French Magazine, Challenge’s, in it’s annual Top 50 Most Beautiful Startups with Unicorn Potential. The awards are divided into Five categories with CybelAngel being a featured startup in the “SaaS, AI and Big Data” category.  CybleAngel counts […]