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Cloud Buckets Monitoring

CybelAngel now keeps an internal list of known buckets that we continually scan – in addition to scanning new buckets from our partners. Detect incidents more quickly. Known bucket lists reduced scanning time for certain buckets by 50%. That way, you can know about incidents before they become breaches. Reduce missed incidents. Our known bucket […]

Secure Leaked API Keys Faster

As more and more data is exposed via APIs either as API-first companies or for the explosion of single-page apps/JAMStack, API security can no longer be an afterthought. More and more API keys are getting exposed on code repositories, due to negligence. Identify credentials and API keys using advanced search patterns (regular expression), and avoid […]

Extract reports and keywords as CSV

Extract reports and keywords data in a CSV file. Download the reports and keywords data in a csv file to build your own statistics.