CybelAngel 2022: A Year of Leadership and Channel Growth

Looking back at our journey throughout 2022, CybelAngel has continued to focus on driving its leadership excellence and achieved tremendous progress in our goal of expanding value-added partnerships across all regions and diverse markets, aligning with our channel-first business model. Following is a snapshot of our most prominent channel success stories in 2022:

Expanding leadership to bring transformative changes to our channel strategy

In April 2022, CybelAngel onboarded Steve Malecha as the VP of Global Partners and Alliances. He is a veteran channel sales leader with 25 years of experience across all aspects of software and partner sales. Since joining, Steve has been focused on leading our global partner business and enabling more enterprises to safeguard their critical digital assets, brands and reputation. Under his leadership, CybelAngel has experienced accelerated revenue through the expansion of new channels, as well as strengthening our existing channel relationships.

Entering the booming security market of the Middle East

In September 2022, we made our long-awaited entry into the Middle East, with a key focus on accelerating the security markets of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a critical step in our global growth mission, as we are now able to extend our industry-leading solution and service offerings to one of the most prolific regions of the global security domain. Building on our “channel-first” approach, we are keeping partner growth at the center of all operations. To support this agenda, we appointed Adnan Taha as the regional director of the Middle East & Turkey and Harjeev Kohli as the Channel Solutions Engineer. Since then, both Taha and Kohli have been utilizing their extensive and specialized cybersecurity experience to grow our partnerships with MSSPs, value-added resellers and distributors across the region.

Launching our most comprehensive solution for external threat protection

Recently, CybelAngel launched the advanced and cutting-edge solution for protecting the external attack surface, the Xtended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX) platform. EASMX delivers a comprehensive and continuous “outside-in” analysis of an organization’s internet-facing attack surface. Allowing companies to locate exposed and undisclosed assets, generate a dynamic map of the entire digital infrastructure, and reveal hidden vulnerabilities and threats across all layers of the internet. This innovative solution combines machine learning with human intelligence to produce the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the market, removing the burden on IT and security teams, allowing them to focus on core business operations. Our EASMX platform has proven to be one of the most effective solutions in the market for improving an organization’s external security posture.

Appointing 12 new partners to drive our continued channel growth

Rounding off 2022, we are pleased to announce the addition of 12 new channel partners to meet increased demand for our solution. Heading into 2023, we will be working closely with some of the leading security providers across the board, including the likes of GuidePoint Security and HelpAG, to ensure that our innovative EASM solution is available on-demand for organizations across all regions. With the transformative leadership, immense growth, and valuable partnerships accumulated in 2022, CybelAngel has come into the new year with a promise of more comprehensive benefits for our clients, distributors and channel partners. Most importantly, we will also be focused on introducing more next-gen improvements to our technology, meeting the evolving needs of today’s ever-changing security landscape.