CybelAngel Data Scientist Giulia Bianchi Presents at DevFest 2021

CybelAngel has many superstars, and one of the brightest is Data Scientist Giulia Bianchi! At DevFest 2021, Giulia Bianchi shared her presentation “From Billions to Hundreds -How Machine Learning Helps Experts Detect Sensible Data Leaks.” At CybelAngel, we scan the internet looking for data leaks. We bring back billions of possible alerts every day, but we only send a few sensible alerts to our clients. How do we do this? We rely on data scientists like Giulia Bianchi to create Machine Learning programs that filter our false alerts and reduce noise. This incredible process reduces our findings from billions to hundreds, allowing analysts to curate alerts.  In her presentation, Giulia explains how we overcome the challenges of training a machine learning model to handle difficult unbalanced classes. You can watch the video below to see the methods she uses to tackle this problem and have a performant model.