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CybelAngel Invited to Participate in Baird’s 2021 Cyber Showcase

By CybelAngel Wed Dec 1, 2021

CybelAngel is proud to have been invited to participate in Baird’s 2021 Cyber Showcase titled “Configuring Cyber’s New Normal.” Click here to read the accompanying report.

As people, companies, and the world have adjusted to the realities of the new normal, we realize our health is not the only thing that needs protection during the pandemic, but the world’s cybersecurity needs it too.

Baird, a financial advisement and services company, gathered seven experts from cybersecurity solution providers, including CybelAngel’s VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Camille Charaudeau, to create a discussion on how to address the risks faced by companies worldwide. 

“One word comes to mind – this would be visibility. Pre-Covid, teams used to control what we would call the perimeter. And now it has literally exploded, exponentially exploded.” – Camille Charaudeau

The conversations ranged from shadow IT, supply chain risk, remote work, and upcoming legislation. You can watch the interview of Camille Charaudeau, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, where he stresses the importance of proactively addressing digital risk.

“We are a global digital risk protection company,” said Camille Charaudeau, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at CybelAngel. “Really, our job is to identify all compromised digital assets before they fall into the wrong hands.”

CybelAngel’s Digital Risk Protection Platform offers protection from multiple strategic risks from Data Breaches, Account Takeovers, fraudulent domains, and more. Request a demo or get a sneak peek at your digital risk exposure on our exposure dashboard