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CybelCafé: A Conversation with Marie Sacksick, Senior Data Scientist at CybelAngel

By CybelAngel Thu Aug 5, 2021

Welcome to CybelAngel Café, a new series where we chat with industry experts within CybelAngel, as well as our partners and customers. If you have suggestions for whom we should invite to the conversation, let us know at [email protected]. In the meantime, grab your favorite beverage, a croissant, and enjoy!

Today’s CybelAngel Café Chat is with Marie Sacksick, one of CybelAngel’s very own Senior Data Scientists. Marie has been with CybelAngel since January 2020 and is based out of the Paris office. You can follow Marie on LinkedIn here. (Editor’s note: Hannah’s questions are in standard text, Marie’s answers are in italics.)


Bonjour Marie! What did you order from the CybelAngel Café today? 

No coffee for me, absolutely never! If you have an “éclair au café” though, it will be perfect with my russian earl grey tea. 

Sounds delicious! So, can you tell us more about your role as a Data Scientist at CybelAngel? 

Of course! As a data scientist, it’s my job to help our team of cyber analysts dive into the most critical alerts. At CybelAngel we harvest an enormous amount of data and it is truly impossible to review all of it in one scan. I’ve been working on formulating a solution to help us scan the data more easily. 

Wow, it sounds like the work you’re doing has a real impact on our customers. 

Definitely! The formulas we create make it possible for CybelAngel to provide comprehensive, accurate, and timely scans to our customers with zero false positives, all at a reasonable cost. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I start my morning by monitoring our data dashboard. After I can see everything is running smoothly, I move on to my usual tasks. This ranges anywhere from analyzing data, building new models, and communicating with other teams to making sure the data collected is accurate and relevant to our customers. 

That sounds like a busy day! When you were looking for a job, why did you choose to work for a startup company like CybelAngel? 

To be honest, I have always worked in startups. In my first role, I worked in a startup by chance but after that I wanted to build my career in the startup world. I enjoy being able to work with a project from the very beginning to the very end. I’m not just building the model and then giving it to a machine learning operational department. I am with it from the start, analyzing if the product has any value to the company until the end, when it’s released into production. 

That sounds rewarding! When you’re not busy building data models, what do you do in your free time? 

I like to read, grab a drink with friends, and walk outside. During the pandemic I discovered my love for gardening and watching my plants grow. 

What or who inspires you? 

I’m inspired by the people around me. Some people motivate me with their intelligence, or their motivation, or their energy. When I meet someone who is smart with so much energy, it boosts me up. 

There are a lot of people with that inspiring energy here at CybelAngel! Is that what motivates you to come to work each day? 

Yes, knowing I am helping others is why I get out of bed each morning. It’s knowing my work has a real, lasting, and positive impact on others. 

You are working on some really interesting projects. What are you most excited about for the future of CybelAngel? 

I am most excited about our advances in machine learning. We are starting to get clearer on the data we collect, and we’re collecting more and more of it. It’s getting cleaner, easier to collect, and easier to process. We are continuing to improve our models, it’s very impressive. 

Have there been any surprises for you since joining CybelAngel? 

I didn’t realize how much vulnerable data was out on the open internet for individuals and businesses, for example financial institutions. I’m very proud to work for CybelAngel, where we find and resolve these critical risks for our customers before cyber criminals cause damage. 

That’s always surprising, isn’t it? Thank you Marie for joining us in the CybelAngel Café! We at CybelAngel and our customers are so fortunate to have you on the team! 

To explore the data risk prevention solutions Marie is working on each day, visit

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