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CybelCafé Conversations with Mitchell Grimes, Senior Sales Development Representative, on the Power of Shared Motivation

By Olivia Skiffington Thu Sep 9, 2021

Welcome to CybelAngel Café, a series where we chat with industry experts within CybelAngel, as well as our partners and customers. If you have suggestions for whom we should invite to the conversation, let us know at [email protected]. In the meantime, grab your favorite beverage, a croissant, and enjoy! 

Today’s CybelAngel Café Chat is with Mitchell Grimes, CybelAngel’s senior sales development representative. Mitchell joined CybelAngel earlier this year and is based out of the Boston office. You can follow Mitchell on LinkedIn here.

Good Morning Mitch! What did you order from the CybelAngel Café today? 

A frappuccino with a shot of espresso for an extra kick. My wife teases me, saying I like coffee with my creamer because I make it so sweet. 

Ha, nothing better than a sweet cup of coffee to start off the day. Can you tell us more about your role as a senior sales development representative at CybelAngel? 

Absolutely! As a senior sales development representative, I start my day by sending out a motivational quote to the team and then begin making calls to prospects. Throughout the week I’ll sync with my team and Mike, our account executive. My experience in cyber has always been through sales development and I like being able to share my knowledge with the team. 

Your motivational quotes are the best! Why did you choose to work for CybelAngel?

I started working with CybelAngel as a third party sales representative last November. I loved the team and being able to have key conversations with CybelAngel’s leadership team. I knew that I wanted to be a part of the growing culture and I decided to join the team full time in April of 2021. This is my home and where I belong. 

You are an amazing asset to the team! 

Thank you, that means a lot to me. I cannot wait to see the team and company continue to grow. In the future I would love to see a more diverse group of people rise up into leadership roles. I think this would help to tell our story as a company. We’re headed in the right direction and want to be the change within the industry. 

What opportunities has CybelAngel provided for you? 

I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel. I’m from Texas, and I would have never thought to go to Boston. It was so cool to see new things, take advantage of new opportunities and provide a new point of view. I’m looking forward to traveling again in the future. 

What did you want to be when you were younger? Were you always interested in the world of Cyber? 

I never thought about joining the world of cyber but I’m so happy I did. When I was younger I wanted to play in the NFL. Looking back at it, it was more my dad’s dream than mine but I did get the chance to play professional arena football. Other than that I wanted to be an architect or go to culinary school. But decided against those when I realized I can’t make anything other than breakfast foods. 

That is so cool you had the opportunity to follow your dreams! Is there anyone in your life that inspires you? 

The first person that comes to mind is my dad. He passed away almost three years ago, and he was the biggest support in my life. He lived a super joyful life, I don’t think there was a single person he met that he didn’t impact their life. He’s my inspiration because he wasn’t perfect, he made mistakes and owned up to them. That showed me that your character is determined by not being perfect, but by moving forward and helping others. 

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, he sounds like an amazing man. Is there any advice you want to give to others? 

Of course. I would tell everyone to keep pushing. Failure doesn’t exist until you decide to give up. I was told over and over that I was the slowest, the weakest, that I wasn’t smart enough, but I never gave up. If you believe in yourself, no one can stop you. 

Wow. That is the best motivation I’ve heard! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat today! To see how Mitch motivates the team, visit CybelAngel’s website at: To learn more about joining Mitch and the team at CybelAngel, visit: