CybelCafé Conversations with Hossein Hashemi, Product Manager, on the growth of CybelAngel 

Welcome to CybelAngel Café! If you have suggestions for whom we should invite to the conversation, let us know at [email protected]. In the meantime, grab your favorite beverage, a croissant, and enjoy!  Today’s CybelAngel Café Chat is with Hossein Hashemi, CybelAngel’s Product Manager. Hossein joined CybelAngel earlier this year and is based out of Paris. You can follow Hossein on LinkedIn here Bonjour Hossein! What did you order from the CybelAngel Café today?  A classic espresso. The best days start with an espresso in the morning, and one after lunch  to make sure I don’t fall asleep in the afternoon !  That sounds perfect. What is your role here at CybelAngel?  I am a product manager at CybelAngel. My role is to identify which projects will help us bring the most value to our customers. To do that, we need to identify the pain and work with the different teams to design and deliver the most valuable solution. In my scope, the goal is to bring our customers the most comprehensive data by covering valuable sources of information.  Keeping our clients happy is always the goal. Why did you choose to work at CybelAngel? I began at CybelAngel in January of 2021 as an intern for the product management team and in July I joined the team full-time. I choose to work, and stay at CybelAngel because of the continuous opportunity to learn. Each day, I get to learn from those around me.  I love that! There is truly so much to learn from every team and each person here.  Yes! The work environment is truly amazing. It’s been said plenty of times before but everyone here is so happy to be at work and the excitement of each day impacts everyone. You can see this the most within the office as we begin to work in person more.  What opportunities has CybelAngel provided for you?  Wow, where do I start with this question?! As I said earlier, the biggest opportunity was being hired as an intern. That was my first responsibility within the company. My team didn’t hesitate to give me meaningful tasks, not your typical “intern work.” Right away I got to work on developing our product and over the past eight months I have learned so much and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.  What would you say to anyone interested in joining the CybelAngel team? Don’t be afraid to apply. Our team is constantly evolving and growing. Even if you’re unsure on what you might be good at, apply. The CybelAngel team is extremely good at finding what you’re good at, even before you may know.  As an intern myself, I would agree with that! What are you most excited about for the future of the company? I’m looking forward to the company’s wide growth. It’s always exciting to see new people joining the team because everyone brings along a new mindset, new ideas, and a new way to bring value to our clients. I love meeting our new team members, so if you’re new to the team, feel free to ping me and we can chat!  Were you always interested in the world of cyber? Funny story, for a long time, and I mean a really long time, no. I had interest in the world of cyber but I wanted to be a doctor. I discovered computer science during my time at engineering school and my interest sparked. I have never been happier with my choice of pursuing a career in cyber.  What do you do in your free time? In my free time, I like to go out with my friends to new restaurants and bars. I just moved back to Paris a little over two weeks ago so I’m spending my free time re-exploring the beautiful city. When I’m not doing that, I like staying up to date with all things related to formula one racing.    With your interest in racing, what are your thoughts on CybelAngel’s newest report on the automotive industry? It’s an extremely important report. With the automotive industry rapidly changing and developing to the point where security has been overlooked, this report comes at a great time. I encourage everyone to take the time to read further into it.    Thank you so much for taking the time to chat today! To download the automotive report and join Hossein in the conversation, click hereTo learn more about joining Hossein and the team at CybelAngel, visit: