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CybelCafé Conversations with Reena Nijhar, Director of Global Demand Generation, on Going After What You want

By Olivia Skiffington Mon Oct 18, 2021

Welcome to CybelAngel Café, a series where we chat with industry experts within CybelAngel, as well as our partners and customers. Grab your favorite beverage, a croissant, and enjoy! 

Today’s CybelAngel Café Chat is with Reena Nijhar, CybelAngel’s Director of Global Demand Generation. Reena joined CybelAngel in November of 2020 and is based out of the UK. You can connect with Reena on LinkedIn here

Good morning Reena! What did you order from the CybelAngel Café today? 

I ordered a milky tea with a half of sugar. If I’m drinking coffee it has to be a desperate day where I’m in need of a major caffeine kick. For those days, I’d order a cappuccino but for today I’m happy with my tea. 

I’m happy to hear today’s a good day with tea! Could you explain what your role is at CybelAngel?
As the Director of Global Demand Generation, it’s my responsibility to generate a qualified pipeline for our sales teams. My team and I are able to do this through inbound programs through paid and non paid channels which bring in new leads for our sales team to prospect. 

I chose to work for CybelAngel for three main reasons. The first reason was the great culture. From my very first interview I could see how much everyone enjoyed coming to work each day. The second reason was respect. Everyone across the board truly respects one another and values new ideas and feedback. And lastly, it was important to me to work for a company that valued my presence. At CybelAngel I know that I am valued and the work I am doing is impacting the company. 

That is really important when finding the right company for you! What does your day consist of? 

Each morning I connect with my team and prepare for an afternoon packed with meetings and calls. There isn’t a “typical day” per se because the cyber industry is constantly evolving. Fifty percent of the time I’ll plan out my to-do list and then everything changes. 

Because the industry we’re in is ever changing, I’ve had a lot of opportunities provided by CybelAngel. I’ve been in marketing on the demand generation side for the last twenty years and I’ve been working with similar programs. But, the difference here is that at CybelAngel everyone does everything. There is a huge opportunity to work with different teams and learn how to do a little bit of what each team does, which I really enjoy. 

Wow, what a career you have had! What sparks that ambition?
From a young age my parents taught me to go out into the world, work hard and go after what I want. My dad came from Nairobi, Kenya and my mum came from India when they were both teenagers. 

They came to the UK with little education and were in a completely new place, they worked hard and successfully built their own businesses. Having your own business requires you to be on the ball 24-7 and whilst taking care of my brother and I, they never complained.  Their work ethic inspires me every day. My dad passed away 4 years ago this month, I miss him every day but his legacy lives on! 

They sound like incredible role models. What are you most excited about for the future of CybelAngel?

I joined the team back in November of 2020 and in my second week there were thirteen other new hires, I wasn’t the newbie for very long!  I am looking forward to the company’s overall growth and being able to work with everyone who joins. We’re still growing and it’s an exciting time to join the company. 

The company is growing rapidly, which is amazing to see! What has been the biggest surprise you had when you joined the CybelAngel team? 

I was blown away by how many people were on the team. I guess I didn’t realize how many people are in the Paris office! It also surprised me by how much respect CybelAngel has in France. It’s amazing, we have the best customer base who continuously want to speak about our services! This wasn’t something I was used to in previous roles. 

Do you have any advice for candidates interested in joining CybelAngel? 

Of course! This is an amazing opportunity to work with the team and within the always current and ever changing world of software. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat today! To see the ever changing world of software and cyber, visit CybelAngel’s website at: To learn more about joining Reena and the team at CybelAngel, visit:

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