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Dark Web Spotlight: Candy Corn Manufacturer Suffers Ransomware Attack

By CybelAngel Thu Oct 28, 2021

Love or hate candy corn, it is a staple of the Halloween season. 

But this year nearly 80% of the US’s supply of candy corn is at risk as Ferrara Candy suffered a ransomware attack earlier in October. 

This attack successfully encrypted some of Ferrara’s data and has limited production at some facilities. Company representatives have stated that most systems are back online and that no one should fear any shortages as Ferrara completed their seasonal orders back in August. 

It is not known which ransomware gang targeted the candy manufacturer or if any ransom has been paid. There is speculation that with the coming holidays and seasonal shopping, more cyber attacks targeting manufacturers, retailers or logistics companies loom ahead.

Ransomware continues to be a threat to all organizations but there are preventative measures that can be taken. Using Dark Web Monitoring and Account Takeover Prevention help locate the exposed credentials hackers use to launch cyber attacks. Digital Risk Prevention tools such as Asset Discovery and Monitoring can find vulnerable assets that hackers exploit to gain access to your network.