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Security’s Dual Threat: Cloud and Digital Transformation

If you don’t want to go extinct, you are digitally transforming your business.  Your data is in the cloud.  You share data with your Supply Chain in real-time.  You are digitally connected, except for one thing:  your attack surface has grown exponentially. 

Now that your business is in the cloud, you need to secure it.  If you went to the cloud before you were ready, you are not alone. Today “evolution in business” means going to the cloud and digitally transforming your business — before the competition beats you to it. The rationale is that after digital transformation, business opportunity soars — the thing is, so does risk. What is digital transformation — and how does it affect risk?  This blog post will examine how digital transformation increases risk and shares solutions to that risk. 

What is digital transformation?

Going to the cloud is a no-brainer, but what about digital transformation?  Of all the big names in Technology, Tom Siebel is one of them.  Siebel is so respected that when people say his name, they face Oracle and spin three times.  When Siebel got into digital transformation, he did it in a big way.  He wrote a book about it and founded a new company that does artificial intelligence for enterprises.   Siebel says that digital transformation is the confluence of the Elastic Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things.  Now, that’s a mouthful.  Hear Tom Siebel explain digital transformation (in a podcast on SoundCloud) or see his presentation on Slideshare. To break it down:  to do digital transformation, we need to 

  1. Go to the Cloud to benefit from unlimited, affordable computation and data storage
  2. Use Big Data to enable an analysis of data sets
  3. Use Artificial Intelligence, powered by Machine Learning, to power the prediction engines that can rapidly and accurately perform almost any task.
  4. Participate in the Internet of Things (IoT) so that every device can be used as a computer, which creates a mega-computing platform

What are the risks involved with a digital transformation?

The combination of digital transformation efforts means that data is hosted outside the IT perimeter — and beyond the visibility of your IT Department.  When your IT Department does not have visibility into data vulnerability, you need a solution.  Companies in the know use continuous monitoring and data breach prevention so they know immediately when their sensitive assets are vulnerable or under attack — and they can take action to mitigate that risk.   CybelAngel allows companies to enjoy the fruits of digital transformation without having their digital assets compromised in the process.  Why CybelAngel?  Because at CybelAngel, we don’t just find data leaks; we fix them.  

How can you mitigate digital risk?

CybelAngel provides a platform that helps companies manage and mitigate their digital risk.  Our experts use machine learning to detect vulnerable data, so you don’t have to.  We detect when your data is vulnerable — and when it is under attack — even if that data is outside your IT perimeter or being sold on the Dark Web.  

Our world-class cybersecurity analysts also perform special threat investigations to save time and limit damages that result from sensitive data leaks.  Companies mitigate their digital risk by using CybelAngel. Companies use the CybelAngel platform for

Is your company concerned about the risk of data leaks? Contact us for a free assessment.  Can’t wait for an assessment?  Try an instant assessment on our “live” dashboard.  Just insert your company into the dashboard.  We’ll reveal how many servers and documents your company has vulnerable on the web right now.  To try the live dashboard, go here.  

Cover your digital assets with CybelAngel

At CybelAngel, we stop the worry of data security so that our clients can digitally transform their business. Because in a post-covid world of rushed migration to the cloud and digital transformation, data leaks are inevitable.  But with CybelAngel on your side, the damage is optional.  So, go ahead, transform your business.  CybelAngel has your digital assets covered.