Whitepaper: Internet Connected Storage

The New Cybersecurity Blind Spot

  • CybelAngel detects data leaks that others don't

    CybelAngel is a leading digital risk management platform providing enterprises with actionable threat intelligence. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, CybelAngel detects data leaks across all layers of the Internet, including connected storage devices.

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    Superior detection technology, unmatched analyst teams

    CybelAngel is the only platform that continuously scans the open, deep, and dark web, as well as connected storage. Our AI and machine learning technologies identify the most critical data leaks, and our dedicated cybersecurity analysts work with our customers to help remediate those leaks and mitigate damage.

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CybelAngel's SaaS portal: the threat intelligence HQ for enterprises

Our SaaS portal provides CISOs and CIOs with instant and actionable data leak alerts, and an interface for access to their dedicated CybelAngel cybersecurity analysts.

CybelAngel is always on guard. Every day more than...

  • 1 billion

    DNS queries are filtered

  • 10 million

    data leaks are indexed

  • 100 million

    new documents are detected

CybelAngel protects enterprises across the globe

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Awards and certifications

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Latest News

  • CybelAngel Raises $12 Million to Fuel Growth

    CybelAngel offers an industry-leading solution that proactively protects organizations from digital threats across the open, deep, and dark web, as well as all connected devices.

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