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CybelAngel Raises $12 Million to Fuel Growth in Cybersecurity Market and Expand Globally

  • Change the way you think about cyber threats

    Your company is facing cyber threats which are far more diverse than the classic image of a hacker sitting in front of their computer in the dark. Cyber threats can stem from a wide range of scenarios, just as easily from the inadvertency of your partners and employees as from external malevolence.

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    An acute risk to your business

    Present across all corners of the internet, cyber threats entail serious risk to your company’s physical security, business continuity and brand reputation.

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CybelAngel protects your assets

Combining Artificial Intelligence with the expertise of cyber security analysts, CybelAngel’s SaaS platform gives you instant and actionable insight into cyber threats before they wreak havoc.

Every day more than...

  • 1 billion

    DNS queries are filtered

  • 10 million

    data leaks are indexed

  • 100 million

    new documents are detected

They trust CybelAngel

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Awards and certifications

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Latest News

  • The financial sector in the digital era: a gold mine for thieves

    In April 2017, the Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab identified a criminal hacker group operating under the names BlueNoroff and Lazarus.

  • CybelAngel awarded Rothschild & Co Startup Award

    French cyber security startup CybelAngel has been awarded the Rothschild & Co 2018 Startup Award, as part of the Rothschild & Co Tech Night...

  • How airports manage traffic and security thanks to Big Data

    Dematerialised data will play a key role in the future of airports. Airports are hubs for both people and information and, as such, process large amounts of data.

  • Why you should never use the same password for different accounts

    An estimated 25% of all Internet users choose weak passwords that are easy to remember. Around 60% use the same password for several or all of their accounts.

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