CybelAngel, a pioneer in cyber security

Information is your company’s most valuable asset, and the more sensitive its nature the higher its value. CybelAngel helps you keep your precious data safe.

  • vision

    Our vision

    We want the internet to be a place where protecting information is just as easy as sharing it. 

  • missionx2

    Our mission

    We employ leading-edge technology and expertise to help our customers maintain the security of their most precious information, and outsmart those who would exploit it

  • genesis

    Our story

    While Stevan and Matthieu were researchers in machine learning and cryptography (Helsinki University, Inria, UC Berkeley), they kept stumbling upon stolen Paypal and other account credentials on the internet, available for anyone to grab. Meanwhile, Erwan was a trader, deeply attuned to the danger of free-floating confidential information.

    The three realized the risk that these vulnerable credentials presented for their owners. Together they embarked upon a mission to detect stolen information with the aid of machine learning in order to bring it back to its owners. 

  • about_the_name

    Why the name?

    In Greek mythology, the goddess Cybele was viewed as the protector of knowledge and the guardian of the keys to wealth. It was therefore logical for us to adopt her name.

    We also decided to take a step back from the warfare clichés often associated with cyber security. We prefer to see ourselves as guardian angels who warn you when something is about to go wrong, rather than fierce fighters ready to throw their armored bodies in front of armies of hackers.

    CybelAngel was born.

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Company Values

  • curious

    Curious and eager to learn

    We are hungry to learn new things and eager to share our knowledge.

  • stronger

    Stronger together

    We are there for each other, and we are there for you.

  • trustworthy

    Trustworthy and accountable

    We stand by strong principles. There are lines we will not cross, even if asked.

  • yes_we_dare

    Yes we dare!

    We are irreverent, audacious and sometimes even a little crazy.

Executive Team

From left to right: Stevan Keraudy (VP of R&D and co-founder), Erwan Keraudy (CEO and co-founder) and Matthieu Finiasz (Chairman and co-founder)

CybelAngel Founders


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Where to find us

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