#WomenInCyber: Constance Mougenot, Cyber Risk Analyst

Mar 12, 2018
Constance EDIT

#WomenInCyber is a series where we speak to some of the women who are instrumental to the success of CybelAngel. Today we are talking to Constance Mougenot, Cyber Risk Analyst.

Tell us about your role at CybelAngel?

Whenever our system detects a leak for our client, it is my job to qualify it and investigate further if required. When we need to alert a client about a leak, I put together a report with all the information the customer needs to remediate the threat.

How did you end up in cybersecurity?

I graduated from Law School with a Master in Business Law before completing a Political Science Master degree at Sciences Po. When I started looking for a job I interviewed for lobbying firms however I quickly realized that this wasn’t the right field for me.

I wanted to work in a field that was really relevant, but also where my skills would be transferable over time. I was drawn to cybersecurity because it touches upon so many other fields: technology; big data; international relations, just to name few.

Who is your role model and why?

The women in my family are my role models. They are active in politics and associations; they all occupied senior positions in competitive fields and their careers were very important to them. I think it’s one thing to be inspired by female celebrities, but it is even more impactful to be inspired by the women who surround you in real life.

Is it ever challenging as a woman in cybersecurity?

When I first started at CybelAngel I was only one of two female employees in my team. But that was never a problem for me, and I actually preferred the atmosphere at CybelAngel compared to the more female-dominated teams I had been a part of at law firms. I experienced a lot of rivalry and backstabbing there, while at CybelAngel everyone was really honest and direct.

In fact, I find that it can be an advantage to be a woman in male-dominated field. You have an additional value to offer simply by bringing a diverse and underrepresented point of view.

What do you think we could do to encourage more women to work in cybersecurity?

At the end of the day, I don’t think it necessarily serves a purpose to strive for a 50/50 gender balance in every field. For me, the most important thing is equality of opportunity. Women should feel that they can thrive in the tech world; but they should feel equally free to chose any other vocation that feels right for them.

However it is clear that cybersecurity is still seen as a man’s world, and I think this is a marketing problem. We need to speak about cybersecurity in the places where young women are listening; we need to tell the right stories that show that women can succeed in this field.

I also think we need to understand that women approach job applications in a different way to men. Typically women will only apply to roles where they believe that they fulfill 100% of the skills and experience demanded. On the other hand, men are comfortable applying so long as they fulfill 60% of the requirements. When I applied for CybelAngel, the job description specified that a technical background was not required. Sometimes it is just as important to mention what isnotrequired in addition to what is.

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