#WomenInCyber: Mélanie Manguin, Data Scientist

Mar 08, 2018
Melanie wording EDIT

#WomenInCyber is a series where we speak to some of the women who are instrumental to the success of CybelAngel. Today we are talking to Mélanie Manguin, Data Scientist.

Tell us about your role at CybelAngel?

At CybelAngel we scan the entire internet to find data leaks for our customers. I work on the filters that we apply to the raw data to extract the leaks that are most important for each customer. Specifically, I create the algorithms that score and categorize the threats. This involves writing the algorithm, then training it to perform better.

How did you end up in cybersecurity?

I have always been interested in data science because I feel that nowadays data is central to everything we do. Data has the potential to improve many areas of our lives, from driving business decisions, to enabling personalized healthcare. I wanted to be a part of this movement!

I studied engineering, then did two internships in data science before joining CybelAngel.

Who is your role model and why?

I admire Josephine Goube, the creator of Techfugees, a platform which helps refugees digitize their personal records in order to ease their integration into a new country. I am really passionate about the social impact of technology, so Josephine’s work really speaks to me.

Is it ever challenging as a woman in cybersecurity?

As a woman in engineering, I have been a minority basically since I left high school, and this is equally true in cybersecurity. I haven’t had any bad experiences in particular, but I do believe that there are certain biases towards women which make it harder for us to be taken as seriously as our male colleagues. People often expect women to always be nice and easy-going, so it can be difficult for women to be assertive or to provide a different point of view without being perceived negatively.

What do you think we could do to encourage more women to work in cybersecurity?

I was lucky to have parents who introduced me to the joys of science from a young age. I grew up reading children’s books about galaxies and astrophysics, and eventually the works of Stephen Hawkings. Not every girl is brought up that way. My girlfriends never spoke about science and I never told them that I was reading these books - it was almost something I hid from them instinctively.

I think that girls should be exposed to the same topics as boys when they are growing up. It should be OK for girls to talk about science with their girlfriends! That’s why I support programs like Girls Who Code, which gets girls involved in technology from a young age.

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