#WomenInCyber: The women of CybelAngel

Mar 07, 2018
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To celebrate International Women’s Day we are talking to some of the women who are instrumental to the success of CybelAngel. The four women come from a range of backgrounds, from data science, to cyber analysis, through to Product Management. We are talking frankly about what it is like to be a woman in cybersecurity, an industry which can be dominated by men: how it can be challenging; how it can be awesome; and what we can do to encourage more women to enter the field.

Above all, we want to show that cybersecurity is an industry where anyone can flourish. CybelAngel is proud of its diverse workforce, which is composed of 40 percent women. But it remains as challenging as ever to attract a diverse range of candidates in an industry which has managed to become seen as “a man’s world”. We don’t believe in a magic number when it comes to gender divide in the workplace, but we do believe that everyone should feel equally welcome to enter the world of cybersecurity (which we think is pretty awesome!).

Over the next couple of days we will be sharing our interviews with the women of CybelAngel:


Apolline Aigueperse, Head of Cyber


Melanie Manguin, Data Scientist


Marion Frécaut, Product Manager

Constance Mougenot, Cyber Analyst

Don't forget to tune in throughout the coming days to read the rest of our #WomenInCyber profiles.