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External Attack Surface Management

Broadly speaking, external attack surface management (EASM) involves applying a combination of processes and technology to protect your external attack surface. Any digital or “smart” technology that connects to the internet is part of your external attack surface. The goal of EASM is to actively and continually find and remediate all the ways that someone on the outside of your company can find their way inside your business-critical digital systems.

Elements of EASM

Cybercriminals will look for any way to gain entry into your internal systems. Here is how CybelAngel’s EASMX solution protects your valuable data.

In the US alone, data breach costs are at over $4.4M. Learn how CybelAngel can help keep your data secure.

80% of hacking techniques leverage stolen or brute-forced credentials. Learn how to find exposed credentials before threat actors can.

Uncovering Shadow IT

You can’t protect what you can’t see—and you may already be paying for it (literally). Learn more here.

CybelAngel can help you gain visibility into hackers’ hidden channels to protect your business from cyberthreats.

Quick, cheap and lethal: There’s a reason cybersquatting is a go-to attack vector for cybercriminals. Learn what you can do to protect your brand and business..

There’s no need to go it alone—leverage the support of CybelAngel’s highly experienced and focused professional services team.

Turn Full Visibility into Total Impact


Wherever a critical asset or confidential data is left unprotected on the web, CybelAngel will detect it. CybelAngel’s Xtended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX) platform provides the broadest scanning coverage over 4.3B different IP addresses, in real time and at both asset and document levels.


CybelAngel provides you with the quickest time to detect. And since we started building and training our machine learning models in 2013, the models can now recognize and auto-discard 99.5% of non-critical incidents, leaving only a fraction of true critical positives for review and prioritization. When every second counts, CybelAngel gives you a head start in a critical race against malicious actors.


Your dedicated cyberanalyst team prepares Incident Reports that include everything needed for rapid remediation: who’s been exposing assets, a severity assessment, all necessary context, a perspective on the risks faced, etc.


Start monitoring, detecting and remediating threats right away with operational and strategic dashboards. You’ll be able to access your Incident Reports in real time, while collaborative features make it easy to liaise with your teams. And because cybersecurity should never be “all or nothing,” you can start with one element of EASM and add more as your organization expands.

Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with Control of Your External Attack Surface

Start today on a secure tomorrow with an External Exposure Scan

EXPOSURES HAPPEN: HOW MANY ARE PUTTING YOUR COMPANY AT RISK? Quickly find out with a complimentary External Exposure Scan. All we need is your company name and domain to search the entirety of the internet to find exposed assets, malicious domains, dark web mentions, leaked credentials and other vulnerabilities that may be putting your company at risk.

We’ll schedule a time to review your results within 72 business hours and share the discoveries we’ve made along with the assessment of criticality and the contextual information. Don’t let vulnerabilities lie in wait posing a threat to your organization — discover them and keep your external attack surface safe.

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