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Meet CybelAngel.

The enterprise-grade external risk protection platform.

“Your teams proactively monitor your attack surface and resolve external threats.”
“You can see exposed devices, data and documents before these create worst-case consequences.”
“You don't feel overwhelmed with thousands of false-positives all day long.”
"You can focus on making your organization thrive, safely."


Secure Your Digital World

Visibility beyond perimeters

We go supply-chain far, and content-level deep. We analyze exposed confidential documents, code snippets, databases indexes or services vulnerability to assess risk levels.

Focus on the most critical threats

We started building and training our models years ago, now auto-discarding 99.5% of non critical incidents. Only a fraction of sensitive alerts get investigated by Analysts so you only deal with critical true positives.

Close the loop before attackers do.

We’ll provide white-glove service through your dedicated cybersecurity Analyst. Let them handle advanced investigations and provide insights tailored to your business

Turning Full Visibility Into Total Impact


Wherever a critical asset or confidential data is left unprotected on the web, CybelAngel will detect it. The CybelAngel External Risk Protection platform provides the broadest scanning coverage over 4.3B different IP addresses, in real-time and at both asset and document levels.

Start right away:
Monitor your exposure.


CybelAngel provides you with the quickest time-to-detect. When every second counts, Machine Learning gives you a headstart in a critical race against malicious actors. Count on our Data Science team to create predictive models that speed up threats detection, triage and investigation.

Start right away:
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Your dedicated Analyst redacts Incident Reports that include all you need for remediation: who’s been exposing assets, a severity assessment, all necessary context, a view on risks faced, etc.

Grow stronger:
Start your trial.

Unlock Seamless Delivery

Start monitoring, detecting and remediating threats right away.
Monitor your threatscape with operational and strategic dashboards.
Liaise with your teams through collaborative features.
Manage your coverage on-the-go, as your organization grows.
Access your Incident Reports in real-time.

Stay out of the (bad) news cycle.

CybelAngel protects your business from the most common cyber risks.

Discover Data Breach Prevention

Discover Account Takeover Prevention

Discover Dark Web Monitoring

Discover Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Discover Domain Protection

Discover Special Investigations and more.

What’s Next?


Understand your attack surface with our experts.


Start receiving contextualized Incident Reports.


Protect your organization at scale.

We can get you started, fast: Contact us.

Boost Your Ecosystem

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Attack Surface Management
Social Media Protection
Dark Web Monitoring
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Fraud Campaigns
Brand Protection
Data Leakage Detection
Digital Footprinting
Asset Discovery
Asset Management

Automate your External Risk Protection in 15 minutes

Streamline your CybelAngel workflows with off-the-shelf integrations to hundreds of cybersecurity and business applications.

  • Speed up time-to-take-down. Trigger remediation workflows reducing time-to-mitigation by 27% (2021, IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report)
  • Unleash your analysts’ productivity. Route actionable alerts to the right people, through the right channels, automatically.
  • Supercharge your Investigations. Bring additional context to your cybersecurity events to get a full understanding of your attack surface.


Take control of your data today

CybelAngel has the fastest and most complete answer to the web of cyber challenges facing companies today. Start your free trial to see more.

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