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#HowTo: Plug Data Leaks

By Benedicte Matran Mon Jul 4, 2022

By Todd Carol, CISO @ CybelAngel

In 2021, data breach incidents accounted for more than $6.9bn in losses, making efficient data security a critical concern across industries. It is a known fact that data is one of the most valuable assets an organization can have, so protecting it at all costs is vital. Evidently, however, organizations are facing huge challenges when it comes to correctly managing their data and detecting and resolving external threats. In fact, our research found a 66% increase in source code leaks and a 150% increase in cloud storage leaks in 2021 alone.

While you can’t fully protect against every type of attack out there, it makes sense to fix the ones you know could do you harm. In this case, companies must focus on plugging the leaks before attackers can exploit them.

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