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Free your team to focus on what matters most

Advanced machine learning platform + dedicated cyber analyst = zero false positives

The CybelAngel software platform is incredible, but with CybelAngel you receive so much more.

Zero False Positives =

No Costly Resources

With CybelAngel, our high-touch, white glove service comes standard, so there’s no need to hire additional headcount or costly resources. We bring you only the most critical, actionable alerts and we help you resolve them, fast.

A dedicated team of cyber analysts becomes an extension of your internal team. Over time they build expertise on your business, requiring less and less input. And, because we have analysts that speak multiple languages, we can investigate exposures across the globe and interact with people across your organization.

Meet Pauline Losson

Dir. of Cyber Operations, CybelAngel

Pauline, a graduate of a Crisis Management & Intelligence Master/Graduate Program in Sciences Po Lille, France, leads the Global Analyst Team at CybelAngel, in charge of growth and strategy, including investigations programs. Pauline was recently featured in WeAreTechWomen, read the article Here. 

“CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte
Global Head of Cybersecurity


Take control of your data today

CybelAngel has the fastest and most complete answer to the web of cyber challenges facing companies today. Start your free trial to see more.