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Real-Time Data Leak Detection with Percolating Technology

By cybelangel Tue Jan 8, 2019
Real-Time Data Leak Detection with Percolating Technology

Endeavoring to provide our customers with real-time data leak detection, CybelAngel tested the capabilities of Elasticsearch, a distributed, highly scalable, full-text search engine. Specifically, we were interested in the percolating feature of Elasticsearch.

Percolating can be described as “reverse search,” in which you ask for all the search queries that match a file, instead of all the files that match a search query. Elasticsearch is a powerful technology, but we ran into some limitations when we tried implementing it for our use case. So, we built our very own custom percolating engine.

Read the complete post originally published over at the Serena Capital blog to learn more about why and how we built our percolator.

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