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Safer Internet Day 2023: CybelAngel CEO Shares Best Practices for Online Safety

By CybelAngel Tue Feb 7, 2023
Erwan Keraudy's advice for Safer Internet Day 2023

Excerpted from the article “Safer Internet Day 2023: 8 Experts Share Best Practices for Online Safety” by Prajakta Patil, Sr. Assistant Editor, Spiceworks Ziff Davis. Read the full article HERE.

Online safety has never been more important, with so much of our personal and professional data available on the internet today. Each year, millions of people come together to spread awareness and celebrate Safer Internet Day on Feb 7th. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this global observance, and while a lot has changed over time, some things remain constant. Even today, as tools and systems become more powerful, effective cybersecurity relies more on users’ actions than it does on technology.

And while one must always follow best practices to protect themselves, their families, and their business online, Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to stop and reflect on how we can all promote the responsible use of digital technologies. In support of a safer internet for all – in 2023 and for years to come – here are some best practices to stay cyber secure from experts around the world.

Erwan Keraudy, CybelAngel CEO

“Business owners often scale down operations during recessionary periods, but for a safer internet in 2023, this cannot be the case for cybersecurity. Internet fraud increased somewhere between 33% to 40% during the Global Financial Crisis of 2009, and cybercriminals benefited greatly from the down economy. Cybersecurity budget cuts and downsized cyber operations can open the door to a number of threats, from third-party risk to nation-state attacks to insider threats from disgruntled employees. The best way to stay internet-safe in a down economy is to adopt and maintain a preemptive security posture from the outside-in, detecting and eliminating exposures before others can.”

Here’s a great way to celebrate Safer Internet Day: Get a risk assessment to identify any weak spots. Contact us for a complimentary External Exposure Scan today!