Unleash the power of a secured business ecosystem

Through the integration of CybelAngel and Security Scorecard, get an aggregated view into exposed confidential documents and credentials that have been found online, across various layers of the internet.

Muscle up your Scorecards

Get a comprehensive view across all new digital risks

CybelAngel data is pre-integrated into SecurityScorecard, providing an aggregated view of confidential documents and credentials found online.

Whenever leaked data is detected for your organization, you will get access to your Exposure Dashboard with more details for you to take action.



Combining Security Scorecard & CybelAngel

Account Takeover Prevention: Scanning

Unparalleled Visibility

Unparalleled Visibility

Gain insight into exposed information right in your Scorecard.

Account Takeover Prevention: Web Crawling

Stay Ahead of Threats

Stay Ahead of Threats

Actionable insights enable you to act before data fall in the wrong hands.

Account Takeover Prevention: Watchlist

Drive Cyber Resilience

Drive Cyber Resilience

Data from CybelAngel and SecurityScorecard help you drive agility.

Account Takeover Prevention: IP Monitoring

Single Pane of Glass

Single Pane of Glass

Combine security ratings and leaked information in one place.

Resolve External Threats Before They Wreak Havoc

Prevent critical information from being breached

Detect trade secrets stored on unprotected connected storage. Scan instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB and ElasticSearch for exposed logins and API keys.

By monitoring the clear, deep & dark web, identify newly compromised credentials being shared or sold and take action, instantly.