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Account Takeover Prevention

Account takeover is a form of digital identity theft where a malicious actor gains unauthorized access to an account and the privileges associated with it. CybelAngel’s Account Takeover Prevention solution finds compromised credentials from leaks, breaches and infostealer malware before they can be weaponized.

Stay One Step Ahead of Attackers

921 password attacks happen every second. Stolen credentials were the leading cyberattack vector in 2022, with an average cost of $4.5M. If you have employees, your corporate logins are up for grabs.

It’s time to intercept leaked emails, stolen login cookies and exposed API keys—with CybelAngel’s Account Takeover Prevention, you can detect these before they lead to a million-dollar breach.

Compromised credentials can lead to:

  • Disruption of critical business operations — ransomware or other malware attacks deployed on your systems
  • Theft of IP — sensitive and proprietary information such as financial information, customer PII, trade secrets, etc., stolen
  • Corporate espionage — data integrity destroyed if critical information is altered or manipulated undetected
  • Reputation/brand damage — impersonation of your employees to defraud customers, partners or vendors

Prevent accounts from being hijacked.

Intercept exposed corporate credentials before they end up in the wrong hands. Get notified when:

  • Corporate credentials are stolen from computers infected with information stealing malware
  • A publicly-accessible database exposes your employees’ credentials on the web
  • A web service leaks employee logins & passwords
  • A VIP, C-level or Board member account has been compromised


Infostealer credentials, including login cookies
Exposed API keys & tokens on code repositories
Unprotected emails & passwords stored on databases and servers
The CybelAngel Difference

Leverage the most comprehensive solution powered by machine learning, with 13 billion leaked and stolen credentials already detected.


of our customers said the data we uncovered was not found by other tools.

CybelAngel’s Account Takeover Prevention gives you:

  • Visibility
  • Prioritization
  • Actionability

  • We scan over 13B stolen and compromised credentials (+20M more each week from infostealers alone) to intercept our clients’ data.
  • We have already detected 70K OKTA credentials, 20M ADFS credentials and 2M VPN credentials.
  • No false positives
  • Incident scoring that fits your business context
  • Email and phone escalation in case of critical incidents
  • Contextualized incident reports redacted by a dedicated analyst
  • Access to email and password in clear text, IP addresses, platform URLs, date of extraction, etc.
  • Extended integration options via connectors and RestFUL APIs


Erik Hart, CISO, Cushman & Wakefield

“I remember the case of a third-party parking app leaking team members’ emails. We were able to inform the impacted employees to take action and change their passwords.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Insurance Company

“CybelAngel gives us a significant time advantage. They are the only solution to report credentials leaks way before they end up for sale on the dark web. This has proven critical for our VIPs.”

Cybersecurity Engineer Manager, IT Services Company

“The alerts on infostealer credentials CybelAngel sent were critical. They contained a lot of information that enabled us to act quickly on it.”