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Credential Exposures

Credential stuffing can turn into destructive account takeovers. Detect exposed credentials on unsecured databases before these are compromised.

Crawl the clear, deep, and dark web to stop threat actor attacks using your login information.

“I remember the case of a third-party parking app leaking team members’ emails. We were able to inform the impacted employees to take action and change their passwords.”
— Erik Hart
CISO at Cushman & Wakefield

CybelAngel is able to find credentials exposed on databases, clear, deep, and dark web. Account Takeover prevention also provides a credential watchlist and VIP monitoring.


80% of hacking techniques leverage stolen or brute-forced credentials. (Verizon DBIR 2020)

Why you should care

80% of hacking techniques leverage stolen or brute-forced credentials. (Verizon, 2020)

Data breach costs rose from USD $3.86 million to USD $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the history of this report. (IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2021)

It Cost More than Money

70% of IT partners breaches are caused by mistakes and misconfigurations. (Verizon DBIR 2021)

Finding data leaks 90 days earlier saves organizations up to 1.25 million dollars. (IBM Cost of Data Breach 2021)

Why Account Takeover Prevention

Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Quickly quash cyber threats:
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In-Depth Scanning

Scan MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch for exposed credentials.

Web Crawling

Instant notification of leaked credentials on the clear, deep & dark web.

Credential Watchlist

Monitor exposed credentials with access to detailed leak investigations.

VIP Monitoring

Avoid CEO Fraud and Whaling attacks by watching for exposed VIP credentials.


Thwart cyber heists and digital thieves

Our technology cuts through the unknown to give you a complete picture of your credential exposures, with the fastest time to resolution. Your customers will thank you.

Don't Leave Any Window Open

Enrich your threat intelligence strategy. Detect exposed credentials in real-time to make sure they never become harmful. Monitor leaked login information to educate your teams on the account takeover risks.

Keep your critical data, brand, and reputation secure.

“CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte
Global Head of Cybersecurity