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Asset Discovery and Monitoring

Traditional ASM solutions won’t protect your business from attacks on shadow assets.

Millions of unmonitored IPs are hosting your abandoned websites, subsidiary IT systems, operational technology, and Internet of Things devices. These shadow assets may be invisible to you, but not to your attackers.

Gain the same view of your external-facing shadow environment that attackers have, and protect ALL of your infrastructure.

Just today, we were alerted to an exposed video camera system set up by a supplier and could've been used as a backdoor. Because it’s not running on our network, we couldn’t have seen it on our own. Typical Shadow IT story."
— Erik Hart
CISO at Cushman & Wakefield

Who has time to sort through thousands of alerts? CybelAngel’s Asset Discovery & Monitoring is the only solution providing zero false positives for IT/OT/IOT devices.


The final half of 2021 saw 40% quarter-over-quarter growth in ADM incidents. (CybelAngel 2022)

Why you should care

Up to 60% of ransomware attacks involve a misconfiguration of IT. (Verizon DBIR 2021)

Globally, 9 organizations fall victim to a ransomware attack each second (STATISTA 2021)

The Costs Keep Rising

$4.62m is the average total cost of a ransomware breach. (IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2021)

Finding data leaks 90 days earlier saves organizations up to 1.25 million dollars. (IBM Cost of Data Breach 2021)

Why Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Visibility, Prioritization, Attribution

Quickly quash cyber threats:
Try our 21-day free trial.


Regain visibility of your Shadow IT infrastructure.


Receive only incidents that require your immediate attention.


Act on alerts without additional investigation by your team.

Easy Implementation

Hassle-free coverage that can set-up in only a couple of hours.


Thwart cyber heists and digital thieves

Our technology cuts through the unknown to give you a complete picture of your unsecured or vulnerable digital assets, with the fastest time to resolution. Your customers will thank you.

Enrich your attack surface management strategy

CybelAngel’s Asset Discovery & Monitoring is the perfect solution for locating, Shadow IT as well as port and vulnerability scanning. Locating these risks helps prevent ransomware attacks by denying them easy access.

All this protection is delivered in a plug-and-play SaaS platform.

“CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte
Global Head of Cyber Security at Sanofi


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