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Data Breach Prevention

800,000 docs are exposed every minute. How many are yours? Because your secrets now live with partners and suppliers, you can’t rely on traditional IT solutions to protect them.

Data leaks are inevitable. Damage is optional.

“CybelAngel is best of breed for [detecting] leaked data that can be accessed outside the enterprise perimeter, such as public cloud environments or connected storage devices.”
— Elizabeth Kim, Ruggero Contu
Competitive Landscape: Digital Risk Protection Services 2021

60% of businesses have experienced a major data breach caused by a third party. Organizations can’t protect data as they used to. It is impossible to rely on traditional IT solutions to guarantee the safety of critical data across complex cloud ecosystems and digitized supply chains.


Incidents of cloud storage leaks saw 150% year-over-year growth in 2021. (CybelAngel 2022)

Why you should care:

70% of IT partners breaches are caused by mistakes and misconfigurations. (Verizon DBIR 2021)

In 2021, data breach costs rose from USD $3.86 million to USD $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the history of the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report.

It Cost More than Money

A 2021 study published in the Journal of CyberSecurity shows that large breaches are associated with a 5–9% decline in reputational intangible capital following a data breach.

Why Data Breach Prevention?

Keep your secrets secure.

Quickly quash cyber threats:
Try our 21-day free trial.

Dedicated Analyst

Your go-to expert lending analysis and context to every incident.

Pinpoint the Exposure

See exactly who is leaking your secrets for superior incident response.

Zero False-Positives

Focus your energy on real, critical events only.

On-Request Takedowns

Offload remediation efforts to us for improved efficiency.


Thwart cyber heists and digital thieves

Our technology cuts through the unknown to give you a complete picture of your data, with the fastest time to resolution. Your customers will thank you.

Your Zero False Positive, End-to-End Solution

Organizations worldwide rely on CybelAngel’s unique blend of proprietary technology and human expertise. Monitor, detect, and resolve data leaks across connected storage devices, databases, and cloud ecosystems. Keep your critical data, brand, and reputation secure.

“CybelAngel makes things easy. They are our one-stop shop for data leakage detection across all our extended supply chains.”

— Thierry Auger
Deputy CIO and CISO, Lagardère


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