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Domain Protection

150,000 domains are registered every day. How many will target your business? Anticipate phishing attacks and counterfeiting schemes by monitoring, detecting, and taking-down fraudulent pages before they hurt your brand and business.

Try our zero-false-positives anti-cybersquatting solution.

“One day, we received an Incident Report from our CybelAngel analyst on a domain registration very similar to one of our subsidiaries. It mentioned the presence of child abuse content on the site. With this information, we were able to immediately blacklist the domain in our firewalls, and escalate the issue to our legal team to have this look-alike domain was taken down.”
— Thierry Auger
Deputy CIO and CISO at Lagardèr

Hard on cybersquatters, light on your resources.  CybelAngel’s got you covered.


In 2020, 20% of cyber attacks started with successful phishing attempts. (Verizon, 2020)


Why You Should Care

Up to 60% of ransomware attacks involve a misconfiguration of IT. (Verizon DBIR 2021)

Globally, 9 organizations fall victim to a ransomware attack each second (STATISTA 2021)

The Costs Keep Rising

$4.62m is the average total cost of a ransomware breach. (IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2021)

Finding breaches 90 days earlier saves organizations up to $1.25 million dollars. (IBM Cost of Data Breach 2021)

Locate Fraudulent Domains Quick and Accurately

Hard on cybersquatters, light on your resources.

Quickly quash cyber threats:
Try it today with a free trial.

Dual DNS Search At Your Fingertips

Passive & active search stops brand impersonation on TLDs and subdomains.

Domain Threat Watchlist

Monitor domain spoofing threatscape to proactively block dormant domains.

Actionable Incident Reports

Get alerts about MX server setup, an IP assignment, or content publication.

Robust Take-Down Capabilities

Let CybelAngel act on your behalf to swiftly remove malicious domains.


Thwart cyber heists and digital thieves

Set up your Domain Protection coverage in less than two hours. See immediate benefits. Leverage CybelAngel’s take-down services to mitigate threats quickly.

Enrich your threat intelligence strategy

Quick, cheap, and lethal. There’s no end to the enduring fame of cybersquatting as a go-to attack vector. In 2020, 20% of cyberattacks started with successful phishing attempts. (Verizon, 2020)

Your team focuses on thousands of doppelgangers at once. This makes domain spoofing a huge strain on your resources, which can lead to alert fatigue and missed true positives.

Focus your efforts on the 0.27% actual threats among ten of thousands of false positives.

“CybelAngel keeps us out of the news!”

— Jonathan Brown
Senior Manager, Threat Intelligence, Dell