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As supply chains struggle to continue bearing the weight of a global economy, external digital risks can not be ignored. Exposed credentials are on the rise while Shadow IT pokes holes in the IT/OT gap leading to an ever-increasing number of ransomware attacks. Meanwhile, data leaks keep on fueling counterfeit products.

“Ransomware is playing a significantly increased role in Malware associated breaches (61.2%) in relation to previous years.” (Verizon DBIR 2021) For manufacturers, containing these cyber attacks is a high-level priority.

With CybelAngel, we establish a new border of detection outside of our architecture, encompassing the world of our partners and suppliers, where we can’t, by design, take control of their security.
— Jean-Yves Poichotte
Global Head of IS Security

Our machine learning and best-of-breed detection abilities allow our platform to locate when and where your company’s assets are exposed. Our technology expands visibility far beyond perimeters into third, fourth, and fifth parties. No more choosing which vendors receive ongoing monitoring.


Machine learning and automation reduce the costs of data breaches by 80%. (IBM Cost of Data Breach 2021)

What’s the risk?

Industrial manufacturers received 17.7% of all attacks on the top 10 industries — more than doubling over the year prior. (IBM 2021)

Cyber-physical system attacks resulting in fatal casualties will reach more than US$50 billion by 2023. (Gartner)

Loss even before a breach

Security teams are spending as much as 27% of their time dealing with false positives. (TREND MICRO POLL 2021)


Fortify your systems against shadow IT, IP theft, and ransomware.

Quickly quash cyber threats:
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Dedicated Analyst

Your go-to expert lending analysis and context to every alert

Pinpoint the Exposure

See exactly where the exposure is coming from for superior incident response

Zero False-Positives

Our filters catch false-alarms so you only respond to real issues

On-Request Takedowns

Get immediate peace of mind that your issue has been resolved


Thwart ransomware gangs and digital thieves

CybelAngel’s External Risk Protection Platform expands your visibility into cyber risks. With our platform, you can identify risks like shadow IT, exposed credentials, and data leaks with zero false positives. Everything needed to prevent ransomware, counterfeiting, or supply chain attacks is at your fingertips.

Putting out All the Fires

Exposed credentials, unsecured vendors, and vulnerable digital assets fuel the wildfire growth in cyberattacks on manufacturers. CybelAngel Digital Risk Protection Solutions defuse ransomware in three ways.

  • First by locating exposed credentials on the public web and dark web.
  • Second by locating vulnerable exposed assets, so your company can secure them ahead of cyberattacks.
  • Third by granting you full supply chain visibility to identify weak links leading to security blindspots.
  • Credentials are the fastest data to be compromised. (Verizon DBIR 2021)
  • 70% of IT partners breaches are caused by mistakes and misconfigurations. (Verizon DBIR 2021)

“CybelAngel enables Total to easily identify where any leaks come from, to promptly take down exposed information, and to immediately alert stakeholders in order to protect IP.”

— Benoit Merquiol
Information Security Manager at Total