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Tag: cyber attacks

supply chain cybersecurity
Supply Chain Cybersecurity – The Case for Outside-in Exposure Monitoring

Article is originally from Camille Charaudeau at CybelAngel explains why organisations desperately need an ‘outside-in’ approach to security  In these days of rapid cloud migration and endless digital supply chains, the idea of a secure perimeter is well and truly dead. Nevertheless, organisations still naturally tend to adopt an internal approach to security, looking out […]

Why data leaks are the most prevalent security risk in the digital domain

At the heart of strong cyber resilience are certain core elements. One such area is data leakage prevention: data leaks are the most common digital risk faced by enterprises. In this article Pauline Losson looks at where the specific risks are in this area and how organizations should respond to these. While the digital infrastructure […]

Social Engineered Data Breach
Remote Workers Vulnerable to Social Engineered Data Breaches

One successful social engineering data breach can move your stock price fast — in the wrong direction. Is your company’s network prepared to handle a mega hack accomplished via social engineering, such as the recent one that Twitter suffered?  With the shift to remote work, the threat for social engineering hacks can increase.  When employees […]

SCADA Data Leaks
SCADA System Vulnerability Threatens Global Infrastructure

SCADA under attack In April 2020, Israeli National Cyber Directorate alerted water utility companies after hackers took aim at their systems. The attackers targeted supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems linked to pumping stations, sewage facilities, as well as wastewater treatment plants. This prompt governmental notification urged energy and water organizations to update their […]