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Protect Your Enterprise From Github Data Leaks
Protect Your Enterprise from GitHub® Data Leaks

GitHub has become one of the most popular development platforms for both enterprises and individuals over the past ten years, as the software is relatively easy to use and new features are constantly being added. Unfortunately, it has also become a rich source for sensitive data leaks. According to ZDNet in early 2019, “A scan […]

Weekly Marketing/Analyst blog follow-up
Timeline of Incident Response to Data Leak

Ms. Amanda Geraud had been an auditor for years.  It has been her job to review business projects and summarize the actions taken, costs involved, as well as  benefits or losses to her employer.   Today felt no different than so many others before, when she had to explain the chain of events leading to preventable […]

Compromised Credentials
The Dangers of Compromised Credential Leaks

Throughout the 2010’s decade, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and more broadly personal data became a major issue for both users/clients and organizations, raising legal and ethical matters, commercial controversies, but also…information security concerns regarding compromised credentials. Indeed, more and more PII is being generated, transmitted, and stored every second; and becomes a prime target for […]

Data Leaks
Data Leaks Escalate from Risk to Threat

We hear about cyber attacks and data breaches frequently in the news.  Experts at Kiplinger caution:  “Resist the tendency to ignore a data-breach notification.”  However, in a recent study from the Ponemon Institute, the reality is that “even after a data breach, “32 percent of data breach victims took no action to protect their data.” […]

Machine Learning for Data Leak Detection
Innovative Machine Learning Model for Data Leak Detection

CybelAngel is able to alert on a set of sensitive blueprints amidst the thousands of billions of documents available on the web. Ever wondered how we are able to do it? Let us introduce you to the latest Machine Learning model for data leak detection: Content Scoring. We couple cutting-edge Machine Learning and human expertise. […]

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CybelAngel Introduces New Data Leak Detection Perimeters and Professional Remediation Services

Digital risk management SaaS platform delivers comprehensive protection from digital threats across every internet layer, including cloud services, open databases and connected devices.