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“Your teams proactively monitor your attack surface and resolve external threats.”
“You can see exposed devices, data and documents before these create worst-case consequences.”
“You don't feel overwhelmed with thousands of false-positives all day long.”
"You can focus on making your organization thrive, safely."


Three Simple Steps


Your dedicated analyst will meet with you and your team to decide which keywords to monitor, what types of risks are most important to your company, and who needs to be informed. Once you feel your analyst understands your needs, the search for external risks begins.

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Once you are included in our 24/7 scanning, the platform goes to work with the quickest time-to-detect. Machine Learning gives you a headstart in a critical race against malicious actors when every second counts. Our Data Science team’s predictive models speed up threats detection, triage, and investigation. Human cyber analysts then review the findings, remove any possible false positives, and investigate the remaining incidents before issuing a fully detailed Incident Report.

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Your dedicated Analyst prepares Incident Reports that include all you need for remediation: who’s been exposing assets, a severity assessment, all necessary context, a view on risks faced, etc. At the end of each week in your trial, your dedicated Analyst will review findings to ensure accuracy and, if wanted, help resolve any incidents.

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Access your Incident Reports in real-time.

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