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“To make the Internet safe by surfacing unknown exposures and securing critical threats.”

Not just words on a website... It's CybelAngel's Vision

With increasing digital transformation comes more vulnerability to data breaches and cyber threats. Preventing business damage requires a proactive approach and visibility beyond traditional security perimeters.

Today’s external digital landscape is exponentially larger than the internal landscape most companies have focused so heavily upon securing.

An external attack surface resides across 3rd-party servers and is comprised of unknown assets innocently exposed through supplier neglect or employee ignorance, as well as shadow IT created to mimic legitimate assets with intent to be used illegally.

In the wrong hands, both are equally as harmful.


Why it matters:

79% of executives rank cyber attacks and threats as one of their organization’s highest risk management priorities*.

At CybelAngel We’re on a Mission…

“To give our customers radical confidence in their external security posture through Innovative Technology, Profound Accuracy, Focus Priority and the Speed to Act before an incident occurs.”


Innovative Technology

The most comprehensive, in-depth, ever-expanding scanning surface on the market.

  • Searching 1.2 billion files daily, across 4.3 billion servers and databases
  • Visibility across Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, the Deep and Dark web, and DNS
Profound Accuracy

The perfect mix of technology and human expertise combine to turn mountains of data into meaningful relevance.

  • A cyber analyst team gets to know your business as you do
  • Zero false positives means when an alert arrives – attention is required
Focus Priority

With CybelAngel, you receive only actionable, contextual, alerts so you have all the relevant data:

  • Take immediate action to remediate exposures or threats, let us take it on for you
  • No need to hire additional headcount or team resources
Speed to Act

Proactively identify and resolve threats well before they can be exploited.

  • Complete Internet scan ever 24 hours uncovers exposures and threats
  • Find it first, act fast, cyber criminals don’t stand a chance

“CybelAngel keeps us out of the news!”

— Jonathan Brown
Senior Manager, Threat Intelligence, Dell

Digital transformation makes you vulnerable to attack. We can help.

What’s Next?

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