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Don’t Pay, Prevent: CybelAngel 2021 Guide to Ransomware

Phishing, Shadow IT, and Exposed Credentials are the fuel for ransomware’s continued rampages. But this is not an insurmountable problem if proactive solutions are applied.

Exposed Databases: When It Leaks, Hacker’s Breach

Most organizations use databases to store sensitive information. Unfortunately, a large number of databases are left exposed with little to no authentication.

Prevent Vs. Pay: A Better Ransomware Plan

Given ransomware starts with vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, it seems that preventing being a ransomware victim should be as simple as securing your vulnerabilities.

Full Body Exposure

A CybelAngel investigation of Network Attached Storage and the DICOM standard uncovered more than 45 million medical imaging files freely accessible on unprotected servers.

How to Manage Third Party Digital Risk

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and outsourcing of physical IT infrastructure streamlined processes and lowered costs; however an unintended consequence is enterprise digital assets are now in the hands of third, fourth, and Nth parties — far outside the corporate security perimeter.

Flying Blind in Third-Party Ecosystems

Explore key findings made by the CybelAngel Analyst Team after a comprehensive analysis of the complex third-party ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and contractors in the transportation industry.