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Why data leaks are the most prevalent security risk in the digital domain

By Benedicte Matran Wed Jun 8, 2022

At the heart of strong cyber resilience are certain core elements. One such area is data leakage prevention: data leaks are the most common digital risk faced by enterprises. In this article Pauline Losson looks at where the specific risks are in this area and how organizations should respond to these.

While the digital infrastructure of all industries is facing waves of new cyber risks every day, data leaks still remain the primary reason for most of the cyber attacks that occur. According to the latest CybelAngel research, data leak incidents increased by a massive 63 percent in 2021 and 61 percent of all security incidents last year were attributed to this security issue. Sensitive data that becomes exposed in the wild is easy pickings for attackers to exploit and then use to craft more sophisticated cyber attacks. With wide-scale digital transformation and cloud migration taking place across many industries, mitigating the high level of risk posed by data leaks is a top priority for security teams.

The first step security leaders must undertake is to understand the depth of this problem and identify the various common sources of data leaks.