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CybelAngel Releases Latest Guide to Supply Chain Risk: “Zero Visibility: Solving Digital Risk in Aviation”

By CybelAngel Fri Aug 27, 2021

While the pandemic has lowered travel demand, the frequency of cyberattacks against aviation companies increased. Aviation requires international supply chains, hundreds of third parties, various web interfaces, and the logistical challenge of ferrying millions of passengers to and from different cities, countries, and continents. This amassing of money, data, and complexity is a nexus for cyber risk. 

With a return to full flight schedules looming on the horizon, the aviation industry needs to protect itself from more costly cyberattacks along the entire supply chain. The key to protecting aviation from cyberattacks is visibility. Greater visibility is the foundation of digital risk protection and is available with the latest external threat intelligence capabilities. In Zero Visibility: Solving Digital Risk in Aviation, we show how the right tools can help to prevent costly cyberattacks for an industry that can ill afford more economic shocks. 

Click here to get your copy of Zero Visibility: Solving Digital Risk in Aviation. You can also find more of our supply chain risk research and offensive game plans on our blog.