CybelAngel Product Updates [H1 Edition]

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Welcome to our H1 roundup blog where we take you through the past 6 months of improvements and new releases.

At CybelAngel we help you to secure your digital activities against cyberattacks and cyber breaches — all in one easy-to-use External Attack Surface Management Platform. With our latest batch of feature releases we focused on making each part of the platform faster, easier to use, and more secure than ever before.

Highlights include API Threat Detection, Social Media Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring updates, a catalogue of professional services available for credits, and lots more.

Let’s dive in

Please note that updates are available to all CybelAngel customers.

H1 product updates

This semester, we rolled out significant enhancements and sparkling new offerings to elevate your cybersecurity capabilities.

Improving our platform to provide you with the tools and insights needed to fortify your cybersecurity posture is a huge focus for our team. These were designed to enhance visibility, streamline workflows, and deliver actionable insights for proactive (and busy!) cybersecurity teams.

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Here is a quick summary of what we rolled out per feature.

API Threat Detection

This new feature allows you to gain full visibility into your API estate, including vulnerable and misconfigured APIs, making API abuse one less headache on your to ‘monitor’ list.

  • Discover external-facing APIs that cloud security solutions miss
  • Detect threats such as exposed swagger files, sensitive data, and misconfigured accessible APIs.
  • Access all publicly exposed GraphQL & REST API endpoints

Catalog of Professional Services for Credits

Now you can leverage our Analyst & REACT teams’ expertise through an extended catalog of on-demand threat intelligence services. These include takedowns, cyber due diligence, and third-party risk assessments. Now it is more accessible and convenient to get extra support within oe platform.

  • Access a flexible offer based on credits you can adjust as your needs evolve
  • Benefit from on-demand threat intelligence on top of your CybelAngel scans

Social Media Monitoring

Protecting your brand’s social and digital footprint at all times with our extensive monitoring services just got easier. We now offer social media monitoring, which was designed with global brands in mind, to prevent brand and VIP impersonation. It also swiftly detects instances of brand piggybacking for added peace of mind.

  • Monitor more than 50 social networks
  • Save resources with incident reports sent by your dedicated CybelAngel analyst.

Dark Web Monitoring

We’ve significantly enhanced your visibility against targeted attacks on the deep and dark web with new updates to our best in class dark web monitoring solution. Fighting dark web crime is even smoother for you and your SOC team.

  • Scan TOR, I2P, Discord, Telegram and IRC, and access closed communities’ insights
  • Identify threats immediately with detailed incident reports written by a cybersecurity analyst

More seamless product updates and news

Now get even clearer insights into what drives cyber criminal behavior within the CybelAngel platform. Here are some new self-serve accesses to review critical insights and ensure you have a complete 360 overview.

1: Enhanced visibility

Now you can enjoy a cleaner and more comprehensive view of your digital assets and potential threats.

  • Infostealers Data Points in API: Retrieve critical information such as malware name, location, machine name, and user session to quickly identify and respond to infostealer incidents.
  • New VIP Type for Keywords: Get additional context about your keywords, laying the foundation for future enhancements.
With this update you can obtain seamlessly context about your keywords within the CybelAngel Platform.

2: Streamlined workflows

Interested in simplifying your cybersecurity processes? Shift your focus to pressing critical tasks with these new features.

  • ADM Filters: Edit and reuse filters in the search bar to refine your asset discovery processes.
  • Bulk Tags on Assets: Easily categorize and organize your inventory in one step.
  • Mirror Files Endpoint: Access file server and Russian market files more easily through the new mirror files endpoint.
Now you can edit and reuse filters to refine your asset discovery process.

3: Actionable insights

Now, you and your team can benefit from sharper insights that drive proactive decisions with less fuss.

  • Tags in data extracts: Use tags in CSV data extracts for sharper insights and smarter actions
  • Search bar improvements: Retrieve all emails associated with a specific domain and obtain reports containing the corresponding credentials
  • Infostealers export: Access valuable infostealer data without the need for individual reports
  • Module information in data extract and API: Leverage module information to create your own dashboards in external tools

That is it for our H1 product update! We hope you enjoy discovering all of these jazzy new features and updates within the CybelAngel platform.

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