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Legal Terms

Page Last Updated: Sept 1, 2021

This Legal Terms notice (“Terms”) sets forth certain legally required disclosures and explains terms of use for our website that are separate from our Privacy Policy. Please review the Terms carefully. If do not agree with any aspect of the Terms, please do not continue to use our website and be aware that continued use of our website represents your agreement to follow the Terms.

Company Information

CybelAngel is a simplified joint stock company (“Société par Actions Simplifiée”) with a capital of €150,000 registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 791 341 274 having its registered office is at 51 Rue Le Peletier, 75009, Paris, France.

Website Hosting

This website is hosted by Lounge Lizard, Inc., which has its registered corporate address at 991 Main St Suite 200, Holbrook, NY 11741.

Website Access and Consent

Access to our website is generally available for free, at any time. Access may be suspended or terminated at CybelAngel’s sole discretion, as a result of force majeure, technical problems, disruption in the operations of telecommunication networks, or for maintenance purposes. Information displayed on the website is provided for reference purposes only and CybelAngel neither represents nor warrants the accuracy or completeness of any content displayed on our website. Nothing on our website should be understood by a visitor to constitute or represent an offer of products or services. Our website may be modified at any time, at CybelAngel’s discretion.

Visitor Acknowledgments

By visiting and using our website, each visitor agrees that he/she (i) has the required skills and the necessary technical means to access and use the website and acknowledges that the computer used for this purpose is functioning properly and will not communicate any viruses, malware or harmful code to our website, (ii) undertakes full responsibility for use of the information, tools and any resources provided on or via our website, (iii) shall not perform any act or omission that may harm the security of the website, CybelAngel’s computers, networks, or systems, or those of other visitors to the website, and (iv) shall, to the fullest extent possible, to provide only complete, accurate and current information through interaction with the website and its features.

Intellectual Property

No visitor to our website may reproduce sell, distribute, issue, broadcast, adapt, modify, publish, or communicate, in full or in part, the structure or content of our website, without CybelAngel’s prior written consent. All data displayed on the website is protected by applicable intellectual property laws, rules, and regulations. All marks displayed on our website are registered to CybelAngel, our affiliates, investors, or third-party companies. No reproduction, imitation, or use of such marks without prior written authorization from the relevant party is permitted, and such actions constitute infringement of intellectual property rights. No visitor may introduce data to the website that would or have the potential to modify the content, appearance, the presentation, or the structure of our website through any means or process.

Gender Equality Index

In accordance with the provisions of the “Avenir Professionnel” law (France), which aims to eliminate gender pay gaps, CybelAngel publishes its Gender Equality Index. The score for the 2022 calendar year is 86 points out of 100, significantly above the minimum 75 points required.