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External Attack Surface: how to maxim...
Are you ready to up your game and downsize your tool stack and costs? In today’s economic climate, organizations are seeking to reduce costs and streamline operations, with 75% of companies pursuing security vendor consolidation, according to a recent Gartner survey. In this session we will show you how CybelAngel can cover all areas of […]
Making Sense of External Attack Surface
Join this webinar as Todd Carroll, CybelAngel’s CISO helps you understand and counteract the increasing common external exposures and threats you are facing. Key Takeaways: The risk vectors we believe to be the most indicative of trends on the Extended External Attack Surface Vulnerable entry points are everywhere and how to identify them Lost keys […]
Third-Party Risk Series
Watch our latest on-demand webinar series to learn about a data-centric approach to third-party risk. Plus, the first (20) to watch the webinars will receive their own copy of Greg Rasner’s book, CYBERSECURITY & THIRD-PARTY RISK: THIRD PARTY THREAT HUNTING.
Open Doors and Lost Keys: Gaining vis...
Remember the Colonial Pipeline attack? A $2.4M ransom attack disrupted fuel supplies from one of the largest pipeline operators in the United States—all because of an exposed password (lost key) and a publicly-accessible VPN (open door). A tiny overlooked detail led to massive consequences for both the company and millions of people who rely on […]
Prevent vs. Pay: Why Proactive Securi...
Shine a light on blind spots. As much as security teams keep an eye on what lives inside their firewall, they have become blind to the threats living outside. Too often, an exposed, unknown asset is the root cause of a negligent data leak or malicious attack. Join Camille Charaudeau, VP of Product Strategy at […]
Quarterly Top Cyber Threats – Q...
Welcome to the Alerts of the Month Roundup for Quarter 2 2022. We have gathered all of our individual Alerts of the Month for last quarter in one convenient package. CybelAngel analysts will share their top cyber threats and how to stop them. Learn about source code leaks on GitHub, fraudulent domains and dark web […]