One single suite to protect your
External Attack Surface Management

We are proud to protect a global network of hundreds of enterprise clients, providing them with advanced EASM protection for enhanced security

Every day, we comb through 6 billion data points to keep your company secure.


Real-time, comprehensive scan of the internet


ML models & dedicated analysts, combined


Fast remediation through takedown services, API integrations and pre-built connectors

  • Daily scanning & monitoring
  • Dedicated analyst
  • Low false positives
  • Custom Alert Scoring

Why cybersecurity teams prefer CybelAngel

Why CybelAngel?
“With the triage work done by CybelAngel analysts, we have a very low false positive rate and are only alerted on what really matters, so that our SOC team can respond quickly to any possible exposure. ”

— Olivier Thonnard

Director of Global Security Operations, Amadeus
“Timing is everything. With CybelAngel, we receive alerts upon detection. If the Incident is critical, CybelAngel’s team will do everything to make sure the issue is dealt with. The information in the Incident Reports allows us to contact the third-party immediately to start the remediation. ”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte

Global Head of IS Security, Sanofi
“Third- and fourth-parties are our weak point. If we can’t prevent external exposure, we have to detect it and react fast in order to mitigate any damage. This is when CybelAngel comes into play.”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte

Global Head of Cybersecurity, Sanofi

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