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Data breach prevention. Every layer of the internet.

Your enterprise’s sensitive information is already outside your network, and outside of your control. Your data could be exposed across the various layers of the internet, from the Surface Web to the Dark Web, or across countless unsecured connected devices.

CybelAngel is the only data leak detection platform that continuously and comprehensively monitors every layer of the internet.

  • Surface Web
  • Deep Web & Dark Web
  • Connected Storage

Surface Web

The Surface Web is the layer of the internet that is indexed by conventional search engines and accessible without restriction. This layer includes code repositories, paste sites, file sharing platforms, and social media networks.

Deep Web & Dark Web

The Deep Web and Dark Web include the layers of the internet that are not indexed by conventional search engines and for which accessibility varies. Dark Web networks maintain highly restricted access, and are often home to illicit or criminal activities.

Connected Storage

Connected Storage includes any storage devices, drives, or databases that connect to the internet. This includes the devices and dedicated-function objects comprising the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devices are often insecure by design, and enterprises’ employees and third parties frequently expose data through these devices when they travel outside network perimeters.

Step 1. Detect Leaks

An industry-leading combination of superior scanning technology and keen human analysis enables CybelAngel to monitor the entirety of the internet for your enterprise's data leaks and digital threats.

Headshot of Jean-Yves Poichotte

CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.

Jean-Yves Poichotte , Global Head of Cyber Security at Sanofi

Every day, for every customer, CybelAngel analyzes

  • Billions of Data Sources
  • Thousands of Files
  • Hundreds of Potential Threats

Step 2. Resolve Leaks

CybelAngel instantly alerts you to your data leaks and digital threats, providing all the actionable information you'll need for remediation.

Headshot of Benoit Merquiol

CybelAngel enables Total to easily identify where any leaks come from, to promptly take down exposed information, and to immediately alert stakeholders in order to protect IP.

Benoit Merquiol , Information Security Manager at Total
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Leaks are inevitable. Damage is optional.
Where has your enterprise's data leaked to?

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