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CybelAngel EASMX

Preemptive cybersecurity to detect & eliminate exposures you can’t see… before others can.

It’s time to See Beyond.

A company’s external attack surface is Cloud High, Dark-Web Deep, Supply-Chain Wide, and Internet Infinite. Protect it all.
Identify shadow IT, detect exposures, prioritize threats, and gain control of your external digital landscape with

External Attack Surface Management from CybelAngel (EASMX)

Secure Your Attack Surface

Gain visibility across your external attack surface and identify weak spots, strengthen vulnerabilities, and take control of shadow IT.

External Attack Surface Management from CybelAngel let’s you see beyond perimeters and find peace of mind knowing you can find it and remediate it, before hackers even know it’s there.

CybelAngel EASMX

  • Identify unknown assets, vulnerable services and shadow IT
  • Detect supply chain and third-party exposures 
  • Find exposed or compromised credentials 
  • Discover leaked data, information and trade secret leaks
  • Uncover dark web mentions and malicious domains

Xtended Visibility

Multiple search methodologies find ‘unknowns’ across 1st to Nth-party systems; no other vendor can match it.

Comprehensive Coverage

CybelAngel blocks attacker entry with breadth to uncover internet-connected assets (doors) and the exposures (keys) used for access.

Relentless Pursuit

Continuous scanning covers the entirety of the internet every 24 hours to find assets, detect exposures and limit liability.

Zero False Positives

Advanced machine learning and human intelligence meticulously sift, score and prioritize findings into only ‘must see’ critical alerts.


Incident reports contain scoring, full context, and analyst investigation for fast response and remediation

Responsive Remediation

Fast detection and full reporting make for quick action, but when you need more, let CybelAngel Remediation Services take over.

Reliable Expertise

Need special investigations or M&A Due Diligence? Count on the highly-experienced CybelAngel REACT cybersecurity professionals. 





Start today on a path to a more secure tomorrow with a Complimentary External Exposure Scan and see what you've been missing.

The right mix of human + machine

From the combination of advanced machine-learning algorithms that dig deep to find mountains of potential exposures, to the dedicated cyberanalyst team who sift through the mountains to find significance—you see no false positives—only the critical, actionable, contextualized alerts you need to act fast on the threats that need your attention.

Jean-Yves Poichotte
Global Head of Cybersecurity

“CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.”

Benoit Merquiol
Information Security Manager at Total

“CybelAngel enables Total to easily identify where any leaks come from, to promptly take down exposed information, and to immediately alert stakeholders in order to protect IP.”

Thierry Auger
Deputy CIO and CISO, Lagardère

“CybelAngel makes things easy. They are our one-stop shop for data leakage detection across all our extended supply chains.”

Erik Hart

“CybelAngel plays a crucial role in our cybersecurity protection arsenal to make sure we monitor and act fast on threats outside our perimeter.”

Data vulnerabilities cost businesses $3.5 billion last year.

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Built on trust since 2013

We take pride in protecting a global network of 100’s of enterprise clients, knowing they are more secure because of our advanced EASM protection.

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Gartner Peer Insights

We’re honored to be recognized for excellence by our valued customers—we’ve passed their tough standards and received full marks!

Dig into our clients’ successes in these case studies.

Signify Secures Data Leak Protecting Intellectual Property

Discover how Signify secured a data leak to protect intellectual property.

Sanofi Secures Attack Surface With The Help Of CybelAngel

How the global leader in healthcare prevents hundreds of data leaks from turning into major breaches across complex supply chains

Cushman & Wakefield Reduces Digital Footprint Beyond Their Four Walls

Cushman & Wakefield reduces digital footprint beyond their four walls. See how CybelAngel detects cyberthreats through comprehensive external risk protection.

See Beyond.

Experience CybelAngel Xtended External Attack Surface Management