• Save money

    It’s as easy as clicking on a button to request CybelAngel’s remediation team support, and reduce your Incident Response costs by up to 10%

  • Save time

    Reduce average time-to-containment from 77* to 11** days for incidents detected by CybelAngel.*Ponemon **CybelAngel

  • Improve long-term resilience

    Secured assets remain closely monitored by CybelAngel after incident take-down

Bet on strong human expertise

Eugénie Peigné

CybelAngel Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Strong Academic and Professional Background

    An experienced cyber-analyst proficient in incident investigation and remediation trained in top-tier business or engineering schools

  • Extensive Knowledge of Your Business

    A dedicated expert who already knows your organization and your challenges better than anyone

  • Continuous Training

    All our cyber-analysts receive continuous training to ensure they are up-to-date on threat detection and mitigation technologies