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    2023 State of EASM Report: CybelAngel analysis of half-billion internet-facing apps & devices reveals top trends in critical exposures to cyberattacks across industries

    2023 State of EASM Report reveals critical infrastructure sectors among top industries for shadow IT exposure, leaked & stolen credentials, and third-party cloud misconfiguration PARIS, FR, April 17th, 2023 – CybelAngel, a global leader in External Attack Surface Management cybersecurity technology, today released the 2023 State of the External Attack Surface: Annual Threat Trends Analysis […]

    Millions of Facebook Users Compromised by Deceptive ChatGPT App: How to Protect Your Digital Memories

    A mysterious infostealer infiltrates Facebook accounts, robbing victims of precious memories and access to professional and personal profiles. Learn more about the unbelievable story CybelAngel recently uncovered, and request our help to fight Infostealer malwares.  Imagine losing 20 years’ worth of memories and access to both personal and professional Facebook accounts with a single click. […]

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    Take the Cybersecurity Conversation to the Board

    The increasing incidents and escalating costs of cyber attack are making cybersecurity a concern that is necessitating far more attention and involvement from board members than ever before. This will ultimately be a very positive move forward in the fight against cyber crime for the companies and boards that adopt this stance. Find out why. […]

    Cybersecurity and M&A: Three Answers You Need Right Now

    If you’re starting or even just considering a merger or acquisition, there are three cybersecurity questions you should be asking. Even more important are the answers to those questions, which we’re providing below. And if you’re already undergoing M&A activities, then keep reading and make sure you’re addressing your cybersecurity due diligence needs!   1. […]

    Forrester Urges All Businesses To Prepare For Nation-State Cyberattacks

    Originally published in TechNewsWorld The global rising tide of cyber threats from nation-states should be a red flag for private sector security leaders in all industries to prepare for more frequent and brazen attacks in the future, according to Forrester Research. To help companies prepare for the changing nation-state attack landscape, Forrester unveiled on March […]

    15 Tech Leaders Share The Challenges They’re Bracing For In 2023

    Originally posted on https:/ Each year, the ever-evolving world of technology brings with it a unique set of challenges for tech leaders across industries. Throughout 2023, new challenges will emerge, and leaders must be prepared to tackle them head-on. The members of Forbes Technology Council are accustomed to following and preparing for fast-moving business tech trends. […]