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CybelAngel Professional Services

Expand Cybersecurity Expertise and Resilience with the CybelAngel REACT Team

Remediate Rapidly

Behind the scenes you’re supported by some of the industry’s most experienced and focused cyber professionals. A  dedicated team methodically synthesises data turning mountains into clusters, clusters into patterns, and patterns into insights – finding exposures and responding with rapid remediation. 

Extend Resources

Never again go it alone in a time of need. Expect white-glove service for Special Threat Investigations, Remediations, and Cyber Due Diligence Assessments. Need clarity on an exposure, or to understand another company’s security posture before an acquisition, a partnership, or a platform integration? Call on the CybelAngel Expert REACT Team, we’re here to assist.

Reduce Uncertainty

Get a clear picture of an M&A target’s cybersecurity posture with a M&A Cyber Due Diligence Assessment. Complete with a full analysis of risks tailored to your business needs, you’ll never have to rely on self-reported exposure reporting again. See a clearer picture with real world insights and actionable recommendations and enhance your M&A decision making. 


Turn Full Visibility Into Total Impact

Remediation Services

Wherever a critical asset or confidential data is at risk and unprotected, CybelAngel will find it! But that’s only half the battle, the threat needs to be assessed and remediated, and the time to take it down matters! You’re security team’s time to review the issues and take the needed steps matter’s too. Let CybelAngel’s experienced Cyber Analysts take care of it for you.

Reduce the alert fatigue of your in-house team
Focus your resources on the top 20% most critical tasks

Lower exposure time with fast remediation
Reduce average time-to-containment by 85%

Improve long-term resilience
Secured assets remain closely monitored after incident take-down

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Special Threat Investigation

In-depth cyber threat analysis when you need it most. Take advantage of CybelAngel’s highly experienced, dedicated cyber analysts to scrutinize your critical threats, and create specialized custom Incident Reports that include all the relevant information needed for successful remediation, including exposure evaluation, a severity assessment, contextual assessment, and perspective on potential risks.

Outsource forensics work on-demand
Focused CybelAngel expertise to investigate threats and quantify risks

Speed up incident remediation
Contextual information and actionable intelligence 

Investigation intelligence that’s accurate and up-to-date with current threats
The latest intel into industry leaks, dark web threats, insider data theft, ransomware, hacked suppliers, and more

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M&A Cyber Due Diligence

Every business depends on relationships with third-party vendors, suppliers, distributors, exposing them to unknown risks. And when companies merge and integrate systems, the acquiring company will inevitably inherit those risks as well.  Don’t rely on self reporting and assumptions regarding a company’s security posture when CybelAngel can give you an accurate, real-time view before you make the deal.

With CybelAngel’s M&A Cybersecurity Due Diligence Assessment, a team of experienced cybersecurity analysts conduct an in-depth review that provides insight into:

  • Exposed intellectual property
  • Cyber risks with potential to impact valuation and brand reputation
  • Cyber risks tied to the technical integration
  • Target company’s risks benchmarked against similar industry players

A comprehensive list of mitigation recommendations

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Don’t Let Cyber Risk Become a M&A Deal Breaker

Protect Buyers

CybelAngel, a leading global provider of External Attack Surface Management, gives you visibility into real risk potential — and provides the ability to quantify risk and set valuation appropriately.

Enhance Your Playbook

White-glove service for Cyber Due Diligence Assessments means you’ll never have to go it alone without a clear picture of a target’s cybersecurity posture. Enrich your capabilities with a full analysis of risks tailored to your business needs.

Get Results Fast

CybelAngel’s Cyber Due Diligence Assessments are provided in 4 business days. Our technology is coupled with our analysts’ expertise to get actionable insights to your teams. Save time and resources while making sure you capture it all.