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CybelAngel Resources

CybelAngel has plenty of resources to get you up to speed on our technology, use cases, and platform. We also have a wide variety of original research covering cyber risks and preventative strategies.

Whitepapers & Guides

Forrester TEI Finds CybelAngel Delivers 359% ROI

CybelAngel commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI)enterprises may realize by deploying CybelAngel’sexternal risk protection platform.

CybelAngel 2021 Industry Report

Warning, CybelAngel’s 2021 industry report is not your standard survey of threats, attack vectors, or costs arising from data breaches. Those reports already exist and are done very well. Instead, we have decided to tell you the story of how Sweet Health Foods, a fictional company’s digital risk ebbs and flows, and which risks stay […]

The Race Against External Threats in the Automotive Supply Chain

A CybelAngel Global Investigation into the digital risks faced by the automotive industry reveals significant data leaks along the supply chain, endemic credential exposures, and tens of thousands of documents.

Case Studies

Materials Manufacturer Elkem Secures Intellectual Property with CybelAngel

How a global leader in industrial manufacturing prevents IP theft, fraud, and supply chain attacks.

Lagardère prevents 200+ data leaks from turning into major breaches every year

How Lagardère prevents 200+ data leaks from turning into major breaches every year with CybelAngel.

Signify Secures Data Leak Protecting Intellectual Property

Discover how Signify secures data leak protecting Intellectual Property.


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Cybersecurity (CISO) Leadership: New York
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