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CybelAngel Horizon Partner Program


Horizon Partner Benefits

Our Partners protect their customer’s assets using our digital risk protection platform to detect and resolve data leaks before becoming costly breaches.

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Sales Toolkit

Deal Registration Healthy Margin Dedicated Partner Manager

Product Resources

Turnkey Solutions Expert Technical Support No Cumbersome Integration


Technical Training Product Support Certification

Marketing Investment

Co-Branded Sales Collateral CybelAngel Forums Joint Marketing Opportunities

Advisory Firms & Consulting Partners

CybelAngel elevates our partners’ trusted advisor status. Our technology gives CISOs insight into cybersecurity blind spots to detect data leaks before becoming major breaches.

Our advisory partners are an extension of our team developing custom threat management initiatives that prevent millions of dollars of damages.

Referral & Reseller Partners

While our referral and reseller partners earn commissions and receive discounts from the sale of our technology, it’s the immeasurable value of driving 360° cybersecurity protection that drives our partners to recommend CybelAngel.

By putting the world’s leading data leak detection platform in play, partners save their customers millions from data breaches.

Managed Security Service Partners (MSSP)

Our MSSPs offer world-class services and bring to life the human intelligence component of the CybelAngel offering that customers love.

They choose CybelAngel’s technology to enhance third-party data leak protection outside of the security perimeter to a client’s entire ecosystem of partners, suppliers and vendors. In addition to monetizing cyber analyst services, our partners enjoy generous margins and differentiation from the competition.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners leverage our advanced machine learning driven cybersecurity technology that scans every layer of the internet.

Together with our technology partners, we do more than just build integrations, but work hand-in-hand with our channel and sales team to build strong go-to-market plans so new and enhanced solutions reach target audiences.

Your Competitive Advantage

Stop Costly Breaches
  • Lower the digital risk profile
  • Gain cyber situational awareness
  • Actionable incident resolution
Maximize Your Resources
  • No implementation or integration
  • Built for team collaboration
  • Combat skills shortage
Secure Critical Assets
  • Increase Third-Party security
  • Reduce the noise with actionable intelligence
  • No more security blind spots

“Leveraging best-of-breed technology to protect all stakeholders is a critical business advantage. This is why today’s leading cybersecurity experts choose to work with CybelAngel. We are proud to work with our partners on our mission to stop data breaches.”

— Erwan Keraudy
CEO & Co-Founder, CybelAngel
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    It’s your data. Bring it home.

    We empower companies to understand and control where their data lives, how it is used, and to make sure that the business you’re working hard to build is safe from any and all digital threats.

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