The economic benefits of cybelangel as presented by Forrester

The Economic Benefits of External Attack Surface Management

Forrester has cited CybelAngel as offering customers a ROI of 359% of their investment, representing a total NPV of $2.66m. Find out why.

Dive into this summary blog covering Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report on CybelAngel. Learn how Forrester have rated our external attack surface management and threat intelligence services in terms of ROI, avoided costs and risk mitigation.

Today’s threat landscape is vast. Preventative cybersecurity matters.

In today’s digital landscape, organizations face a constant barrage of cyber threats from numerous external sources. Managing the external attack surface has become a critical aspect of cybersecurity, and leveraging threat intelligence services is essential to stay ahead of threats.

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To shed light on the economic benefits of proactive cyber security, Forrester has published this Total Economic Impact Report to shine a light on the value of preventative cybersecurity solutions, like those offered by CybelAngel’s external attack surface management (EASM) solution.

Discover why EASM counters cyber threats and economic losses

External attack surface management involves comprehensively identifying, monitoring, and mitigating risks originating from an organization’s external digital footprint.

Through continuous monitoring and actionable insights, organizations gain visibility into their digital assets and the potential risks associated with them.

An overview of what lies beyond your external attack surface.

CybelAngel’s external attack surface management solution provide organizations with real-time insights and actionable information about potential threats.
By analyzing vast datasets and monitoring the deep and dark web, CybelAngel’s platform identifies emerging threats, exposed credentials, and counterfeit activities. This proactive approach arms organizations with the knowledge required to mitigate risks before they materialize into serious cyber incidents.

But what about the economic benefits of this type of cyber risk management solution?

Let’s break down 4 key takeaways within this report that highlight just that.

1: Cybersecurity cost savings

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The report quantifies the potential cost savings organizations can achieve by deploying an EASM platform. These cost savings include reduced expenses related to incident response, remediation efforts, and potential legal consequences.

This report finds that businesses that have partnered with CybelAngel have experienced a remarkable 10% reduction in cyber insurance premiums, demonstrating the tangible cost savings that can be achieved by investing in robust cybersecurity measures.

2: Actionable ROI

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Forrester’s analysis highlights the positive ROI that organizations can expect from investing in external attack surface management software and threat intelligence services. The financial benefits and value realized by enterprises deploying attack surface management solutions was striking.

This report finds that CybelAngel delivers a staggering 359% ROI over a three year period.

3: Cost mitigation [+use cases]

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The report identifies the cost avoidance associated with leveraging cyber threat intelligence services, like EASM solutions. Significant expenditures related to hiring additional security personnel, purchasing cyber insurance coverage, data breach costs, and unquantified benefits that contribute to cost savings.

The report finds that two major data breaches, which could have potentially cost $2.1 million, were successfully avoided through CybelAngel’s comprehensive threat detection capabilities. The report also shares that by leveraging CybelAngel’s advanced technology and expertise, businesses were also able to sidestep the need to hire additional full-time employees, which resulted in an estimated value of $860,000 over a three-year period.

4: Risk mitigation leads and actionable governance

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This Forrester report found that organizations who use an attack surface management platform experience a significant reduction in the likelihood of successful cyberattacks. By proactively addressing risks and vulnerabilities, companies can mitigate the financial impact of potential incidents and improve their overall security posture.

The report finds that by leveraging CybelAngel’s platform, organizations can significantly enhance their security posture and improve their governance while reducing the likelihood of costly cyber incidents.

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To further substantiate the benefits outlined in the Total Economic Impact Report, let’s take a look at two case studies from two of our customers, Cushman & Wakefield and Lagardère.

These videos demonstrate how CISOs and their SOC teams have experienced vast improvements in their security resilience, efficiency, and business continuity through the implementation of CybelAngel’s platform.

SOC resources for sharper risk management

When selecting an external attack surface management provider, it is crucial to consider factors like data quality, coverage, and flexibility.

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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report on CybelAngel’s external attack surface management solution highlights the economic benefits organizations can achieve by investing in cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence solutions. It also outlines how actionable risk management helps security teams to ensure better security posture.

By embracing external attack surface management service providers, like CybelAngel, organizations can fortify their security operations, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and proactively defend against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Empower your SOC team by protecting your external attack surface to enhance your overall cybersecurity resilience

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