CybelAngel Launch Infostealer Credential Detection Capabilities

Ability to intercept credentials harvested by infostealer malware makes Account Takeover Prevention the most comprehensive and proactive credential protection solution available.

PARIS, FR: 15, February 2023: CybelAngel, a global leader in cybersecurity technology focused on protecting the external attack surface, has announced a groundbreaking enhancement to their Account Takeover Prevention (ATP) solution, adding the ability to protect organizations from credential exposures caused by infostealer malware – detecting and intercepting stolen credentials before they can be made available on the dark web. CybelAngel’s ATP solution scans unprotected databases and detects data dumps in the open and dark web. The proprietary scanning and filtering technology, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is able to crawl the entire internet every 24 hours to find exposed or compromised credentials from multiple sources. The company has already detected over 13 billion exposed, stolen and compromised credentials, including OKTA, ADFS and VPN credentials. Every week, they detect another 20M credentials harvested from infostealers. The full ATP solution, part of CybelAngel’s EASMX platform, allows organizations to:

  • Gain visibility of exposed credentials and API keys on code repositories
  • Intercept infostealer credentials before they hit dark web marketplaces
  • Access Redacted Incident Reports and Credential Watchlist including the full logs on demand
  • Set-up SOAR, SIEM, and Active Directory Integrations

Erwan Keraudy, Co-Founder and CEO of CybelAngel said, “Stolen credentials were the leading cyberattack vector in 2022. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with proactive credential protection, allowing them to intercept stolen credentials before they are exposed on underground marketplaces.” – Ends – About CybelAngel CybelAngel is a global leader in cybersecurity technology focused on External Attack Surface Protection and Management. As an early pioneer in ‘outside-in’ search technology, approaching cybersecurity just as an attacker would carry out infiltration, CybelAngel has developed the industry’s most extensive defense for external attack vectors, where the majority of cyberattacks are initiated. Combining expanded discovery and analysis, CybelAngel finds unknown assets and exposures to preemptively diffuse attack vectors that cyber criminals use to breach systems and wreak havoc. CybelAngel proudly protects some of the largest global enterprises representing various sectors including the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries. CybelAngel’s Xtended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX) is the only solution comprehensive enough to protect an enterprise’s entire external attack surface, regardless of where assets reside. For more information on Account Takeover Protection, visit our website or contact us today for a complimentary assessment. Follow CybelAngel on social media:

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